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What can't you do without?
Posted On 05/30/2023 13:47:32 by Altara33606
To me, that was a very interesting Poll question. Normally, I'd probably say 'chocolate'.. But, at our age, the actual answer is probably 'phone'. 
Even though I hardly ever look at my cell phone, I 'need' it in case of emergency. Both of us now have health problems. Only a few people have our cell phone numbers; and I have mine set to get rid of all 'spam'. I was getting some kind of 'notification'--which never told me 'what' it was, which was very annoying. I now have it set to only '... Read More

Just a thought
Posted On 05/20/2023 17:18:44 by azjudy
Today I did an unusual thing for me. I logged into the Hill.  It has beena long while since I last visited. I guess like many things in life, interests lasts only long as we let it. I was looking at the groups and noticed over half had no activity for years. Makes me wonder. I remembered when the computer groups didn't lack for questions.  Maybe folks became more computer literate over the years.  Know I did.... Read More

Posted On 05/06/2023 13:05:20 by Swanlady
 I watched the  long awaited coronation of King Charles. Up before the sun and coffee {with cream} in hand I sat in front of the TV and watched and watched, and watched, and watched. As the procession preceded down the aisle I was facinated by the beauty of the Church, The Garments of the Royals, the precision of the ceremony, no hang ups or mistakes of any kind. It was a joy to watch.  I wish for King Charles a reign of calm dignity that Queen Elizabeth did not always h... Read More

15th NOTH Anniversary!
Posted On 04/29/2023 11:46:14 by Altara33606

I just realized my 'NOTH Anniversary' was 2 days ago!  Wow. Fifteen years. I can't imagine NOT being here now. Before I joined Not Over the Hill (The Hill or NOTH)--I wasn't active on social media. Oh, I had an account at the 'first' social site (I think it was first, anyway)--but didn't "do" anything there. And I didn't 'stay' there long.  (PS--I won't NAME it, since that's against our Terms, lol; I was surprised to see it's actually still 'around').
And of course, I used Cloud... Read More

My First computer-style device
Posted On 02/24/2023 12:16:19 by Altara33606

Something made me think of this recently.   So my new 'avatar' for the Computer Group page/account is my first computer-style device: a Brother Word Processor. I bought it at an office equipment  store, which is also where I got my ribbons and disks. 
I used colored ink 'ribbons':  blue, green, red, and brown, as well as black. And..I had 2 or maybe 3 'font' disks: Script as well as Pica and Elite.  I used blue or green ribbons with Script for letters--... Read More

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