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Tag: family

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Celebrating Friends and ....
Posted On 10/18/2020 14:37:09 by yourchoice
Happy Sunday to All of my friends, on and off our Social Networks... I've been playing in different places the last couple of weeks, most activities didn't involve my computer. I've been having so much fun celebrating a "significant" birthday... and I'm already looking forward to the next one. I have received a pile of greeting cards (most are not on paper), and haven't seen a scrap of wrapping paper or plastic ribbon. So what was happening... how did I celebate? Firstly, I'm so thankf... Read More

Daddy Shot Who?
Posted On 07/12/2020 19:56:46 by texasjane
I had overheard my grandmother make the remark that men sat on their brains.  This made me worry every time my dad passed gas, my sister sat on his lap, or his bottom was in any danger.  The adults had no idea how worried I was.It was about ten o'clock at night.  My daddy had been working late.  He was a gemologist and diamond expert.  He was quiet often called in to appraise stones from private collections as well as corporations like jewelry stores.  He always had... Read More

Where Have I Been...You Ask?
Posted On 05/10/2020 21:01:43 by yourchoice
Well, I’ve been ‘self-isolated’, along with my favorite and treasured husband, and reminding each other that we have no reason to complain about being at home; home isn’t a bad place to be. I can think of a lot worse places. However, we have notes on our calendar that will remind us of ‘notable’ events the past several weeks. How have we been spending our time here on our patch of the river valley? If you have read my previous blog “My ‘catch-up’ Story, our routine hasn’t c... Read More

Grandmother's Are Special
Posted On 02/25/2020 08:48:16 by texasjane
I retired from teaching children with special needs but once in a while someone asks for my help. This is about one such case.

A little girl had suddenly stopped talking.  Months had gone by and she had not uttered a word.  She had been in the car when her grandmother, sitting right beside her, patted her on the hand, kissed her cheek and slumped... Read More

Our Outhouse Is Gone! (TBT)
Posted On 02/19/2020 21:09:15 by yourchoice
Have you heard about our garden shed? I did write a blog about it long ago, but because of recent conversations, I decided to post a “Throwback Thursday” edition of that blog, with an update.To explain about my husband’s 2012 winter project, the idea came when we visited a farm antique center in northern California. They were selling garden tool sheds that were made of old barnwood and looked like outhouses. Cute! When we arrived home, our septic system was frozen and we were without facil... Read More

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