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It's A Small World After All!
Posted On 08/17/2021 15:40:26 by yourchoice
I think I’m hearing a bit of humming… from a reader or two who knows that song. Years ago, we would hear that song many, many times because it was our daughter’s favorite song that she learned on a visit to Disneyland. She loved the dolls and music, and her record player in her own room. Some unexpected events recently have brought back that song… and for me, music sticks very hard in my ‘memory bank’. It has been quite a summer for us, some events were not pleasant but surprising,... Read More

Don’t Want To Be A Bother….?
Posted On 06/18/2021 20:56:46 by yourchoice
How many times have you said that you didn't want to be a bother” to a friend, when you know they are going through an unusually busy or stressful time. You would like to do something to help, but then wondered what you could do that would be helpful. Even a phone call would interrupt their busy day, and that could just be annoying. Many years ago, when your children were quite young, we had an experience that I’ll never forget. My husband had a serious accident at our new home under const... Read More

A Weekend of Reflection
Posted On 05/23/2021 22:45:27 by yourchoice
I hope my readers are enjoying the spring days of the long weekend. It doesn’t really matter about the weather, which none of us can control, or the restrictions imposed on all of us.  I’m sure that you are wishing that you could enjoy some time with your family or some close friends. I’m in my favorite chair by the window, and I won’t see the sun set this evening because it is so foggy in our valley. It has rained off and on, and some areas have even had a bit of snow. I think we... Read More

The Gift of Friendship and LIFE
Posted On 04/20/2021 09:12:50 by momtocam

April 15...a date on the calendar for most of us, and it’s proverbial reminder that Uncle Sam is around the corner. However, for me, this date now stays etched in my mind forever. For on this date 16 years ago, a very dear friend’s life came to a sudden end. Her life was taken far too soon, yet she gifted me with a gift I now carry on to today.
We met in 1998 at work. We had a lot in common. Our love of our children, family, cooking, telling jokes, and helping others. He... Read More

Saying 'Thanks' On A Bad Day!
Posted On 10/25/2020 15:11:21 by yourchoice
We've just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving... and I even wrote a blog about it. It has been a busy time in our household... birthday celebrations, a bit of travel, thanksgiving with some of the family and missing the rest, plus the daily activities that hopefully keep us out of trouble. October 22/20 didn't seem to fit in those categories. It has been said that "life is the sum total of all experiences...", and for me, it was a 'dousie'! I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry, but it happe... Read More

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