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Diaries, Journals, and Newsletters
Posted On 01/09/2022 18:08:11 by yourchoice
It’s been quite a year, and I wish you all a Happy and Wonderful New Year! I’m sure that the past year has been similar for most of us… some ‘hav- to’ jobs, some happy moments, and lots of spare hours. As I wrote in our year-end newsletter, I did a bit of cooking, a bit of cleaning, a bit of napping, and spent many hours refreshing memories through boxes and albums of photos, writing letters, sending emails and text messages, and talking on the phone. I use my computer every day, but I... Read More

The Treasure of Cyber Friends
Posted On 12/17/2021 21:13:21 by yourchoice
We have seen so many changes in the last several generations, and this past year, with many of us who have time to spare, may have reconnected with friends from our past, and some who we may have never met in person. Technology has given all of us the ability to communicate quickly with friends who live on the other side of our planet. Gone are the days of pen and ink used to write letters that were delivered by the Postal Service, sometimes weeks after it was posted. Even though we understood... Read More

My 5 Ws" This Summer ...
Posted On 09/26/2021 18:44:27 by yourchoice
The summer of 2021 has created a lot of questions in “face-to-face” and “cyber” conversations with family and friends … ‘Who are you visiting these days?’, ‘What is occupying your time?’, ‘When were your happiest days this year?’, ‘Where are you most days?’, ‘Why have you stopped writing blogs?’ Here comes my attempt to answer as best that I can, and if this gets too long, take a break or find something that is more interesting to read. 1.    &n... Read More

It's A Small World After All!
Posted On 08/17/2021 15:40:26 by yourchoice
I think I’m hearing a bit of humming… from a reader or two who knows that song. Years ago, we would hear that song many, many times because it was our daughter’s favorite song that she learned on a visit to Disneyland. She loved the dolls and music, and her record player in her own room. Some unexpected events recently have brought back that song… and for me, music sticks very hard in my ‘memory bank’. It has been quite a summer for us, some events were not pleasant but surprising,... Read More

Don’t Want To Be A Bother….?
Posted On 06/18/2021 20:56:46 by yourchoice
How many times have you said that you didn't want to be a bother” to a friend, when you know they are going through an unusually busy or stressful time. You would like to do something to help, but then wondered what you could do that would be helpful. Even a phone call would interrupt their busy day, and that could just be annoying. Many years ago, when your children were quite young, we had an experience that I’ll never forget. My husband had a serious accident at our new home under const... Read More

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