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Two Boots for this Lady
Posted On 06/28/2015 22:04:06 by yourchoice
I suppose I should have appeared sooner than today, but I've been a bit pre-occupied by weekend travels, guests from near and far, and "happenings"! No point in telling you about our guests (you won't know them anyway), and you've heard about the annual car show that we love to attend (same old cars, but more of them this year. So... that leaves 'happenings! Here is my outline for my latest "happening:1. Early Wednesday morning... sleepless in the Valley.2. Enjoying my favorite chair and a... Read More

my senior club,
Posted On 06/23/2015 10:29:28 by rosegirl
iam 68 old i retired a year ago my workshop closed up i joined friendship senior club, i love it. although times i miss working with my friends at jawonio ( for the handicap and disabity) ofcourse the pay checks even though it wasnt to much for piece work. got retirement checks coming threw each month but rent goes higher, the retirement checks should go up as well i think. thats my option. meantime i meet good friends older then me in the club. aug.26 we going to go on a boat ride... Read More

A weekend in our "hometown"...
Posted On 06/09/2015 22:47:26 by yourchoice
This past weekend was like "old home week". We travelled to the town where my husband and I met 53 years ago. It is a small prairie town in central Alberta, and whenever we have the opportunity to visit friends there or attend a special event, it feels like we've gone back home. We both had jobs in that town that we enjoyed; Ed was the telephone guy and I was a newly graduated registered nurse in the 19-bed hospital.This past weekend, we attended the annual Show and Shine Car Show, which has bec... Read More

My new 'ARMCHAIR TRAVELS' segment...
Posted On 06/04/2015 12:19:13 by yourchoice
I'm finally here... after another wonderful road trip. When we arrived home on Tuesday, we had no telephone landline service and no Internet. Ugh! Hubby had the name of subcontractor with the phone company who had been doing work out here, so contacted him to find out what happened to our "high-speed" service. He couldn't understand what happened because he installed a new piece of cable by our house a week ago and all was working well. He couldn't come out to check until Wednesday morning, but... Read More

Have You Heard from ???
Posted On 04/13/2015 09:12:29 by Jane
I am certain I am not the only person - there must be more folks, who miss their blogs, stories, contacts. But, how do we find out if they are "there" - in cyber space, somewhere, some country? Are they ill, busy with their lives, taking trips, etc? How do we know? I have "met" via NOAH and known them by what they write for us.I have enjoyed hearing of vacations, families, remembered events and/or life experiences, tales that cause one to smile, while reading them. If the reader is less active t... Read More

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