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What is a 'God-Moment'?
Posted On 06/11/2020 16:32:01 by yourchoice
It has been quite a week at our little spot in the valley. I was feeling “a bit below the radar”, not so much about my health but about my appearance. I should have had my hair cut the week before this whole pandemic-altering lifestyle, but thought it would be good for a couple more weeks. Now it was a couple of months, and I was hoping that my dear hubby wouldn’t go and buy a dog tag for me. One morning, I had a “news flash”! We used to have our hair appointments in a city shop, and... Read More

Our Chivaree! TBT
Posted On 03/13/2020 23:54:29 by yourchoice
This week has gone so fast for me… and I missed Thursday. I was ready to do a ‘Throwback Thursday’ Blog, but now it will look like a “throwback weekend”. My husband and I met in a small prairie town where we both worked. He was the telephone foreman in town, and I was a nurse in the 19-bed hospital. We loved the community but some of the “traditions” were new to us. We had a very personal introduction to a “chivaree” party, traditionally conducted for ‘newlyweds’. ... Read More

Friends... Then and Now!
Posted On 02/05/2020 12:50:46 by yourchoice
Last week, I experienced several ‘gold-star’ events and my mind is still whirling. It was a week of emotional highs and lows, mixed with hugs, smiles and tears. In my quiet times back home, I’ve thought about the friends that I have ‘accumulated’ over more than ‘three score and ten’ years in my life. Friends… how did they get to be on my ‘List of Friends’! Where did I meet them? What happened to make us think that we could be friends? My week began with a text message, t... Read More

Here Come the 20s!
Posted On 12/30/2019 00:03:29 by yourchoice
This week has been a mixture of busy, busy, and quiet hours in my favorite chair. Christmas Day was wonderful, even though there were several grands who were missing, either because they had to work, or they were invited by their “significant other” to celebrate with their family. We do know that they still love us and will show up on our doorstep when the opportunity presents itself. As for the Christmas Dinner… I wasn’t disappointed. There was a pile of mashed potatoes with gravy, cran... Read More

Do You Know Your Cyber Friends?
Posted On 11/04/2019 11:32:17 by yourchoice
My weekend was wonderful … the weather was ‘ify’ and I was happy to stay home. The housework was done, I don’t have a garden, and I’m feeling quite well. I’ve missed so much of what has been happening with my friends here on The Hill, so I spent much of the day, sending private messages to those who are on my list of friends. I discovered that a number of my long-term friends have not been on The Hill for almost a year. I do know that one of them had been very ill, and I’m wonderin... Read More

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