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Tag: hope

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New Group-The Yarns We Weave
Posted On 11/08/2013 08:05:06 by LitlGraDuck
I just started a new group, The Yarns we Weave. Anyone with an interest in this is more than welcome. I look forward to meeting all of you talented people.Thank you for reading this blog, and may you have a fun day.LitlGrADuck

http://notoverthehill.com/groups/view/id_773/... Read More

Posted On 03/21/2010 16:57:39 by Derrough
One grey and gloomy, cold March day
You left; you could no longer stay.
Angeu beckoned and you went.
Your time with us had been full spent. Soft brown eyes closed, excluding pain.
Our sad sore loss was now his gain.
Always man's friend, ever his foe,
With him you now felt free to go. In sympathy the sky did weep
Our sorrow ran still, dark and deep.
And then the rain turned into snow
As if heaven above did share our woe. No more we'll feel your soft sweet... Read More

Sunday Soliloquy
Posted On 01/31/2010 08:33:16 by Derrough
Morning folks....
The Garage.. Barn and Driving Shed on 'The Farm on the Fifth' Hey...
No need to rush!
It's Sunday!
Take all the time you need!

It's almost tepid here this morning in Hillsdale at a balmy -7C.
Snowflakes are, however, lazily sifting down from above.
Grey skies and fairly mild for much of the week, with a skiff of the white stuff most days.
Could be worse!
At least that Arctic air mass has gone walk-about.
That was just a tad nipp... Read More

Posted On 04/11/2009 05:41:58 by Thundercloud
This Sunday, Christians around the world celebrate Easter. But, Easter is more than just a Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus, Easter symbolizes both rebirth and renewal. We urge people of all religions to join Christians on Sunday in a celebration of faith and a renewal of spirit. Regardless of your religious beliefs, Easter is the perfect time to rekindle your spirituality.

The world is becoming increasingly cynical, blindly material and increasingly faithless. We have m... Read More

HELP....I need your advice!!
Posted On 04/02/2009 06:28:17 by luvsnow
I have a real dilemma in my family and I need some sound advice.   As most of you already know, I have 2 grands named Chloe (17 months) and Cooper (2 weeks) they are the youngest of my 8 grandchildren.  These two belong to Hope, my youngest daughter.    My problem is with Brian, who is 7 and the son of Susan, my oldest daughter.   Brian hates Chloe and now says he hates Cooper too, even though he has never met him, doesn't want to.  He... Read More

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