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Tag: love

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Your Time or Mine?
Posted On 02/09/2022 14:04:03 by texasjane
“What are you doing out here all alone?  I thought all the little fairies were trying out your new wings today.”  “I don’t seem to fit into their timetable.  My hourglass did not open when it was scheduled to so I have been closed off my century and did not wake up until the cat knocked the post that was holding it all up.  Nothing makes sense to me.”“Give me an example.”“Well, why do they ask you to dial a number on a phone that has no dial?  It is not j... Read More

My Heart Was Breaking
Posted On 04/10/2021 10:07:37 by texasjane
"Shuu Shuu, Baby, I want to hear what they are saying.""One is all I will allow.  It is just too dangerous for both.  While one is out the other will be locked in the closet."  My new grandmother had her hands on her hips.  She did that when she was laying down THE LAW.  Honey, gave her a hug and a nod of her head."What are you going to do about...?""Jane, I got that covered.  I am going to make a cake from scratch and she will be so distracted to realize what is ha... Read More

Sweet Woman Love Awakes
Posted On 10/27/2020 08:38:22 by Coletracer
I love to write, especially about love. I don't search for it, but so many do. I wrote this for my love a while back... so... Sweet woman, this is for you .
Sweet woman lost in sadness, if I could see you smile, touch your soft, soft hand,
You would know I could love you, hold you, and be yo... Read More

Night time Lover
Posted On 10/22/2020 08:56:51 by Coletracer
I awoke with the morning air chilling my body as the beginnings of winter creped into the dimly lit bedroom. The covers hanging off the side onto the floor, exposing me to the coolness that played poking about. With thoughts of you, I reached for the tangled cloth, pulling it up and over, I curled, gripping tightly the fabric and smiled. To hold you against me tightly would warm us both and I could whisper the things that dwell in my heart into your ear. I could place a soft, loving kiss upon... Read More

Sun Rises and Sunsets
Posted On 02/21/2020 01:02:08 by texasjane
No matter where you are in the world the sunsets and sunrises are beautiful. God opens and closes each day with the orange (the color for compassion), pink (the color for love), white (the color for purity), purple (the color for principal or royalty), green (the color for sharing) and blue (the color for truth), and yellow (the color for knowledge or gold for the crown he wears). I forgot to add the color red which is the color for action.These are the colors and the qualities he gave each of h... Read More

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