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Tag: love

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I guess this is HELLO!
Posted On 08/01/2020 22:35:22 by AllanWJanssen
Like it said in the title "I guess this is HELLO! I would like to introduce myself and also explain why I am writting this first blog to everyone on "Not Over the Hill!I started my working career as a D.J. on the Radio and then got sidetracked for about four decades working in the family business as a new car dealer. (My dad kept telling me to go out and get a "real" job selling cars!)Now that I'm retired I went back to my first love and got a job as a consultant for several radio stations here... Read More

Easter Sunday Prayer Meeting
Posted On 03/13/2020 17:08:24 by texasjane
The Saturday before Easter Sunday at our house was a little like Christmas Eve. We had the bus ready to go pick up the group of homeless people that had gathered under a bridge close to downtown Dallas. This year, Ray, my husband, had enlisted the help of Andrew, a doctor who had served in Vietnam. Andrew was a very large black man who had lost an eye and one arm before coming home from the war. He was as tall and big as Ray. Ray was a full blood Apache Indian and stood 6'5" and weighed in at... Read More

Sun Rises and Sunsets
Posted On 02/21/2020 01:02:08 by texasjane
No matter where you are in the world the sunsets and sunrises are beautiful. God opens and closes each day with the orange (the color for compassion), pink (the color for love), white (the color for purity), purple (the color for principal or royalty), green (the color for sharing) and blue (the color for truth), and yellow (the color for knowledge or gold for the crown he wears). I forgot to add the color red which is the color for action.These are the colors and the qualities he gave each of h... Read More

What will America stand for?
Posted On 02/14/2019 11:41:49 by Swanlady
Yesterday I was leaving the church after a meeting and ran into the nursery children being taken for a stroll around the church in their nine seated buggy. Such beautiful babies waving and smiling and it brought to mind how wonderful that they have a full life ahead of them and the right to be what ever their talents will allow them  to become. But I also realized that not all babies will have that option.Chose Life has been my cry for years. Now I find my self praying for unknown babies ye... Read More

Learning To Dance In The Rain ~
Posted On 12/29/2018 14:53:53 by LeatherNLace

As most of you know, dancing has always been my love, my passion. But a few years ago, dancing became a thing of the past, when I fell and broke my back in 3 places. I was told I would be in a wheelchair the rest of my life,,,but I beat the odds and CAN walk. It took a lot of work, strength and encouragement from my family and friends, but I can and do walk. Yes, there are times I need a cane, but I can even get up and dance a few steps...No, not like I used too; but that'... Read More

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