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Tag: pets

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Just One Kiss
Posted On 11/23/2021 19:34:31 by texasjane
What a day I have had.  It was a Monday for sure.  Then about mid-morning, my caregiver decided to go to the library.  That is within walking distance to my house so it would be a good walk for her and some quiet time for me.  Then I decided I would do some exercises to get that part of my day over with. I selected the bathroom since it has the most room and is close to everything I need to get to in a hurry.  Why I thought that I will never know.I had done three. ... Read More

Bertha's Secret
Posted On 08/29/2021 03:08:54 by texasjane
  Good neighbor boot camp continues as I am once again forced to have a chat with my neighbor George.  Bertha and Oscar seem to love playing together. George still insists on walking Bertha down the street. The dogs still discuss the situation... Loudly.  A familiar smell told me I was going to have a talk with George. Poor dear. He is so proud of Bertha. He actually smooches with her. George loves the loud purring and meows as the cat rubs against him.  All of... Read More

Retirement At The Funny Farm
Posted On 06/14/2021 07:44:18 by texasjane
I am excited. It has been a while since we have all visited the Funny Farm. Grandmother always said I would end up on one or be running a Funny Farm; so, it fits. I can't believe I actually got the sign painted and posted. It has been interesting to say the least. A great place for me to retire. I think George has come to visit more than anyone else. I think the animals bring him some sort of peace. A retired New York cop would find peace on a funny farm... no pun intended.
I have taken the g... Read More

Beatles and Rodents for Christmas
Posted On 12/27/2020 08:18:40 by texasjane
Music is a major part of my day each day.  I do everything (but watch TV) with music going.  I have several devices that play recorded music.  I have a tiny tape player, a CD player, a larger tape player, etc.  I even have players on my PC, laptop... you get the picture.I have organized my selections according to the device.  I have "The Golden Oldies" playing on CD on a small portable unit.  I have a tiny portable that is dedicated to the Beatles.  I also have... Read More

Good Neighbor Boot Camp
Posted On 12/24/2020 16:52:24 by texasjane
I have been gone for a week. If you don't know why you need to read The Story Lady and Oscar.  I had been home for about ten minutes. The ambulance that brought me home had just pulled away.I am being loved by both my dogs. I hear Grammy squealing from the cat tree on the dryer. I walked out there and she is jumping up and down. I thought it was because I was finally home.Bang, bang, someone is at the front door. A man I had never seen before stood there with a shoebox in his hand. I open t... Read More

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