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Tag: poetry

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Posted On 05/03/2013 22:15:15 by mothergeorge
INVITATION   A blank piece of paper Is a wonderful thing. I pick up my pen And let my imagination take wing.   What comes out Isn't often quite right. But sometimes I feel My thoughts HAVE to take flight.   Sometimes I write Of things that are sad, Like the heart searing sorrow Of losing my dad.   Then I might write About a talking frog named Fool, Just to entertain my grandkids So they'll think Grandma's cool.   I especially like trying To find the right phrase That ju... Read More

Posted On 05/03/2013 22:06:23 by mothergeorge
MOTHER'S DAY To all the moms on Mother's Day For a job so hard it merits hazard pay But money or no, we get our reward In living a life in which we're never bored The single moms have it especially hard Never knowing which way fate will toss out the cards "Am I raising them right? Will they all be ok? I could sure use a job--I certainly need more pay!" Why do we do it? People ask this of us. How can you stand all the mess and the fuss? Then two little arms creep around your neck And two wet li... Read More

Let Us....
Posted On 05/09/2011 16:21:27 by Derrough
  Let Us....   Let us sit on the rocks by the edge of the strand;
Let us watch as the waves lap the soft golden sand.
Let us hear the low bell as it tolls on the sea;
Let us know that our favourite time will soon be.   Let us watch as the sun slowly sinks in the west;
Let us now of the cares of the day be divest.
Let us hear high above the shrill cry of the gull;
And the beat as the waves slap against an old hull.   Let us slip through the door from the bri... Read More

What Was
Posted On 04/17/2011 12:24:42 by Yanaba

He laid the first stones, I did my part
The wall seemed to rise out of nothingness
Soaring skyward
To block the view of what once was.
This time there is no looking back
To what there was before.

Oh, its still there I'd imagine.
And maybe always will be.
In the dim dark shadows
Of what once was.
Hidden now behind a wall
Of cold hard stone.

I once pledged to him "no strings"
His only pledge was honesty.
We both held firm to our words.
T... Read More

Keep the Quiet
Posted On 02/13/2011 12:44:53 by Yanaba

what's this you say we must have people  they must be gay there needs to be laughing, sharing, talking, caring why say I?
aloneness is not loneliness for I like myself enjoy my own company why should I seek my comfort with others just for comfort's sake?
give me quiet give me my solitude I'll give it back to you to do with as you will  I shall keep the quiet and in its stillness my only companion myself.

(Pink Mystique  7/29/2008)
... Read More

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