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Tag: poetry

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Senorita Rosa
Posted On 08/22/2021 02:32:41 by LadyLynne

Gliding along the dusty arid streetWith woven sandles on her feetRed rose adorns her long black hairDark eyes illuminate skin so fair
Flower basket on her hip swaying side to sideHer sensuality she does not hideRadiating beauty and intense heatMaking many a man's heart skip a beat
Enters the cantina to sell her waresDelivering goods amidst longing staresLatin music and tequila enticesSuccumbing hot-blooded men to their vices
Basket depleted apart from a few petalsIn which the pesos... Read More

Rhyme With No Reason
Posted On 01/11/2021 15:55:16 by billpil
Night falls on the folds of dayAnd the sound is growing thinWaves of silence coming strongTo quench the daylight din
The silence in the darkness growsWith all consuming peaceThe sleepy river lazy flowsBut currents never cease
The hush that fills this shadow worldBecomes a limitless deepIt seems to whisper in your earNow is the time for sleep

... Read More

Count Our Blessings
Posted On 11/22/2019 05:47:46 by LadyLynne

Gathering around the table on Turkey DayHands joined together heads bowed to prayGiving thanks for the food we shareAnd to our families who show they care
Be aware of how fortunate we areThink of people in lands afarTo combat hunger is their pleaAnd to live in peace and harmony
So as we consume our turkey and dressingLet's be thankful and count our blessingsIn the land of the free we celebrateOur Thanksgiving with love not hate

... Read More

Turning of the Leaves
Posted On 09/06/2019 05:27:22 by LadyLynne

Autumn chill is in the airTrees rustling excitedly in the breezeFading light of summer skyBringing calm and peace
Beauty of the coloursEnrichment all aroundShimmering gold and shades of redFluttering softly to the ground
Changing of the seasonA wonder to perceiveNature in its splendourThe turning of the leaves
~Lynne~... Read More

Posted On 08/02/2019 12:34:55 by LadyLynne

Butterflies roam freeWildflowers they do seekAlighting each delicate petalOn which to rest their tiny feet
Eagles soar into the skyIn search of unsuspecting preyMaintaining life's intricate balanceIt is just nature's way
Apple mango teaSipped from a china cupSoothing for the soulTo lift the spirits up
Unicorns are magical creaturesTheir beauty undefinedGliding through one's imaginationPure fantasy comes to mind
Time is of the essenceA precious commodityUtilize it wiselyLet your d... Read More

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