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Tag: retirement

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My Retirement Is Nothing Like I Thought It Would Be
Posted On 02/27/2021 01:40:48 by texasjane
"Jane you are the only one I could think of to help us right now. We have a stray that has a broken foot and needs a quiet place to stay until we can find him a forever home. He is a surrender. His owner died and we just don't have a place for him. His name is Loverboy."Sometimes it just not pay to answer the door. I had already ushered Belle and Sweet Pea into the back bedroom. I had put up a flap to keep Oscar and Grammy from having free reign of the kitchen."Where is he now?" I watched as the... Read More

You Had To Be There
Posted On 01/17/2021 13:13:46 by texasjane
George, a new neighbor of mine, showed up at my door with two men. I was curious, to say the least. I had taken George to the senior center here in town and introduced him around so he could get to know some of the residences. Actually, George just recently retired and moved to Texas. He was a New York policeman. Poor dear. Anyway, he and I got off to a rough start as neighbors when he tried to kill my pet squirrel, Oscar.I had decided and followed through with teaching George how things worked... Read More

Celebrate Aging
Posted On 12/09/2020 17:30:23 by texasjane
You know you are old when your childhood football hero is now doing commercials for Medicare. When your childhood crush and music heartthrob is now doing commercials for walk-in tubs.I have been watching TV and sure enough, I was right. I passed middle age a while back. Several of the once stars and current celebrities are now appearing on TV as bald, white-haired, spokespeople for everything from hearing aids to erectile dysfunction pills.Even exercise equipment is low key, low impact, and revi... Read More

Hamlet or Spook?
Posted On 05/26/2020 03:58:58 by texasjane
It was the first week of October. Plans were already being made for the Halloween party at a near by senior citizen center. Hamlet had been invited as more of a guest than an entertainer. This meant a new costume.He loved pumpkins too much to have him ware one.  He would eat it before the party got started.Going as a Pig in a Blanket might not be a good idea... someone might say the "B" word or make him think he was anything other than a star.We even thought about turning a little box with... Read More

Occupation: Retired.
Posted On 04/14/2020 09:28:24 by texasjane
When my grandmother retired she became a full time baby sitter for me. She had sold girdles door to door after divorcing her first husband for infidelity. Back in her day divorce was rare and divorcees were sometimes shunned. Finding work as a divorcee was hard.  She retired from that to manage her own flower shop in the lobby of a large downtown hotel. When I arrived, she became my babysitter.I knew she chatted on the phone with friends, but she also did a lot of going shopping or out... Read More

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