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NOTH, social network
Posted On 05/05/2008 20:53:30 by weebit
I had some time ago thought about starting my own social network for the 40+. I thought it was a great idea because even though I am a myspace member, it was just loaded down with kids and wanna be's and I have never really liked the place because you about have to hide and at the same time be social. If that makes any sense.
I never started the 40+ because even though I am blessed in computer skills, and even in page building, I dreaded the thought of even trying. If you are a regular user you just have no clue as to what goes on in the background. Quite a bit happens and as you may not of noticed, quite a bit of it you never hear about, or see. I do not consider myself a Pro at what I do. But I am advanced enough to know that taking on this sort of social network is not a stand alone job. Even though I know many people online and many of those are in the computer business... It is not always what it's cut out to be. There has to be someone on call 24/7.
I enjoy helping people with their computers. I saved many a ton of money. I have never been paid except just a few times. The amount was not that much. I only got paid because I was willing to run to their homes around 8 or 9 pm and help them fix their computers. I even gave a woman a few computer lessons to help her have a jump start. In the past I was asked "why don't I charge for those services?" Doing it for free is stupid, when you could be making a living of it." I have even been shunned because of it. You don't charge for your computer service so therefore you must be a bad computer fixer upper.
The biggest reason is that the computer tech field is very mind consuming, and some days it can get to you especially if there is a bad virus or something going around the net. I can only deal with irate individuals for so long, then I am ready to run and hide. I never have hidden, but I guess if need be I would. Customers are a special breed all into themselves. They are either a good customer, or a bad customer. The computer brings out the beast in some people. The you have the customer that is just um gosh what's the word? Maybe like dumbfounded or what ever. You also have the customer that wasn't raised around tech gadgets, and didn't raise their children around tech gadgets. So... They are very, very wet behind the ears. You keep your answers simple, and what ever you do, don't add to the mix. Gosh forbid if they ask a question, and keep you answering for the next two to three hours.
But lets get back to the social network....
The idea cloudeight has is a good one. Just so long as they keep the network for the ages intended. I just don't care for this place to turn into another Myspace. Myspace has turned into a social nightmare. Perhaps if they disallowed certain things here that Myspace has, and then offer things here that Myspace does not have, and the younger generations could care less about? But so far I am pleased with how the NOTH is set up. Two thumbs up for a good job people. Just remember this is the calm before the storm. When this place really takes off well, and you have hundreds of thousands of users, that is when you make sure you have everything in place and ready for the onslaught. Because just as my domain was tested, so will yours. Think ahead folks.

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