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On Our Corner of Paradise
Posted On 03/29/2011 18:56:25 by Junie_PapaAllen
This is what we woke up to this morning. It thawing now and sounds like rain falling it is so heavy. It looking out over our backyard into the neighbor's across the alley. I went out last night to take a picture and a stray cat jumped down from the roof at me and scared the daylights out of me! Boy, did he take off running!
I had a much better night last night. The only real problem I had was getting my legs warm. From my knees downs they were freezing. Papa gave me a pair of his long insulated socks to wear but they still didn't start warming up until about 5:30 this morning. He told me this was the same thing he went through, too. So, I guess, that pretty much cinches it it....I've had that new strain of virus going around. Oh, I didn't get the sweats last night! That was a relief!!
Not much going on around here today. Everyone wants to sleep. I guess we have a lot to catch up on, don't we? I am thinking of having myself some lunch and starting some Turkey Under Biscuits for dinner. I just shred up some cooked turkey, add some Hollandaise Sauce and top with homemade biscuits and bake until the biscuits are done. This is one of Papa's recipes. It's really good, too! I've made Hollandaise Sauce from scratch and the packaged Knorr brand tastes just as good and a lot less expensive to make.
Papa's up and ready for lunch, too. Be right back!
Papa decided during lunch that he doesn't want the Turkey Under Biscuits until the weekend. So it's Scalloped Potatoes and Ham for tonight. Usually he doesn't give any input as to what we have but today it was different. Oh, well. I guess I'd better get out there and do up the lunch dishes and start slicing potatoes, huh?
Have a great day and evening, everyone, and keep lookin up!
Much Love, Junie and Papa Allen


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