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Don't Let Emotional Vampires Suck the Life Out of You
Posted On 12/05/2011 12:37:24 by Solcatman

Yes, you can always recognize an emotional vampire by their need for attention.  They hunger for it and will create crisis after crisis to get it.  His/her life is a soap and if you aren't careful you can get caught up in the drama of it all.  Then you become an energy supplier.  The movie, Matrix, got it right in terms of man being slaves for our energy, but it was wrong in one sense.  We can easily become slaves to other humans whether it be to someone we know, our governments, technocracy, or certain ideological thinking.

 In this post I am focusing on the people immediately around us...our children, our spouses, our parents, and our friends.  It is true that you become like the people around you, if not now, then later in life.  That could be a good thing or a horrible thing.  If you find that you are constantly being called upon to serve the people around you, I advise that you take a good, hard look at yourself.  Even weeds need space to grow fully and so do we.  You cannot live only for your family and friends and expect to be a happy individual.  Where is the time and energy you need to grow as a person?  The emotional vampires will use you over and over again once you let them.  They leave feeling quite okay and leave you feeling so tired you wonder where you life is going.  Well it is going to them.  I am not saying to be mean to others but we all gotta pursue what makes us grow, learn, develop, and be fulfilled as human beings.

Did you know that you many cannot break out of their slavery?  They are used over and over by others in one way or another.   Oh and not be some stranger but by their kids, or parents, or spouses, or friends.  They get used to it and like the co-dependent, they need that role even though they are not happy in it.   It is all they know. 

So the first step is to realize what is going on.  Do you feel unfulfilled or lacking the energy to do what you love.  Start looking at those around you and it may give some clue.  The second step is to find ways to counteract their demands for your energy.  Oh, they dont care if it is positive energy or not.  In its raw form, energy is neither good or bad, it just is.  So start going for walks by yourself.  Try and meet productive and creative people on the internet.  Take up a hobby, something that does not involve others.  Stop putting up with the drama that your family and friends dump on you.  Sometimes you just have to walk away.  Start meditation exercises or other spiritual development endeavours.  Read about co dependency and see if the principles apply in your life.   Addiction is not just about drugs, it is any activity that is done repeatedly and has harmful effects on your life.  Surprise, surprise. 

And if you find out that you are an emotional vampire then stop it.  Let others be what they supposed to be and stop preying on them.  Try to learn to be comfortable with yourself and stop always seeking attention.  You too can learn and change and become a better person.  And every time you create a crisis stop and ask yourself what you are doing.  Every time you seek another to dump your problems on, ask again, what are you doing. 

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