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Posted On 03/25/2012 16:18:54 by emom101


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Welcome home, dear hearts, welcome home!

Oh dear, it's been a couple of interesting days again. If it ain't one thing, it's another.. lolol

Let's see here... Two days ago, I put my little yellow sign out front on the mail box. I can't remember if I told y'all that or not. Anyway, I double checked the door/gate of the mail box and, no, there was no problem nor possibility of interfering with the deliveries. I was as happy as a clam.

Twenty four hours later, I go out to check for mail. None... However, the gate was down, the box was empty and the wire to the sign had been 're-arranged'. Theft attempt? Then last nite...Saturday... the dogs started throwing a hissy fit.

I gallop down the hall way... hang a left, grab the .22. Hit the side door... out to the porch and fire one round into the forsythia growing to the west of the house. Turned around, came back in the house and then went to bed. And guess what... The sign is still out there. I just checked.

We have heavy clouds building up from the west and north. Have to tell you that when I went out to the mail box, it was drizzle/rain. No raincoat or nuffin... lolol I had on paint clothes. Did you know you can't really ruin paint clothes? Anyway, I stroll casually back down the drive... minding my own business.

A lightning bolt flashes right over me! No thunder, no lightning prior to this... No thunder from this bolt either. Thank God, it was cloud to cloud... static build up? Anyway, I was very happy that it wasn't ground to cloud!

Then, back to Friday nite. We had no warning of the tornado to the west of us. Was a bad day again but not nearly as bad as earlier this month. Had torrential rains and hail. Sometime overnite, I was awakened by a short gust of noisy wind... then I heard the 'train' go overhead again. I rolled over and went back to sleep. Am I starting to sound like a weather person? Sheesh! Sorry bout that!

What else? Oh, Anna... Oh dear... lolol

She's been swamped with bakker work.. Sterilizing seed trays, filling them with dirt and then planting the bakker seeds. I just said I figured she was busy getting ready for Easter tomorrow (meaning today) Well, she started giggling hysterically. She finally managed to sqeal out..."What month is this"? or
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I had to stop and think for a minute... finally I came out with 'March?' Off she went again! lolol She comes back with Easter is next month! Well, I got hysterical too. Two old hens just a cackling for all we were worth! My stomach hurt!

Then she decided than since she is not near a phone during the day, she would have me come down and ride along while she mowed the grass. A side car? She would put me on the inside of the cut and run me thru the bushes! Off we went again! I just told her that I really appreciated the consideration for my safety!

And then today, I got an email from the Marv. I fell off the chair! Email consisted of a long series of pix one of which showed a lawnmower with sidecar. Side car was a brightly colored mini VW van. lolol I want one of those. Many moons ago, I drove a VW van. Hauled all kinds of stuff in that 4 wheeled critter... including a piglet. Piglet was running loose in the back. Truth, even tho I figured nobody would believe it if I told them back then.

Another thing with Anna... we seem to have this one-ups-man-ship thing going right now. She calls... she has chased a garden snake back into the woods. I pulled a tick off me... she'd already done that two or three days before the snake business. I told her about the wasp. Daggone it... she did it again.

She had been bitten/attacked by a deer tick. It had burrowed into her hide! Had to go to MD to have the leftovers removed. Woman will do anything to get ahead of me!

If any of you should have this happen to you, the burrowing type small round red tick - no spots on it, get yourself to the doctor for blood test... This is the kind of tick which carries Lyme's disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted fever.

Last year, Anna tested postive for Lyme's... Scared all of us to death.

I guess that' it for today. Take care all of mine. Go in safety always. Remember lightning can strike with no warnings!

Many hugs... much love and lots of lafter daily... meems


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