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In case you missed it.....
Posted On 03/26/2013 09:27:59 by grammy210

Just in case you've missed it and I did.  I answered Keejac's blog about signing in to view pages.

Then went back to the Home page and saw that Darcy had reenabled people to view pages again on 3/26 which is today.  She asked if you have comments or other concerns to "contact us" at the bottom of each page.  I've just done that and asked that we return to the way it was. 

Now you have to make yourself heard too if you are not in agreement with having anyone and everyone see your page without being a member.  Take Facebook for example.  People have posted links to their Facebook page, click the link and you don't get to their page without being a member or being asked to join first.

I for one don't want to risk people doing anything to the pictures I might post.  Read my answer to Keejac's blog to find out why. The internet is NOT a safe place, let's keep OUR site safe.  Ellie


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03/27/2013 08:02:57

I have been a victim... and am now a survivor... Having been there & done that, I do not want to ever be there again. Having said that... I accept every & all "friends requests", I can always delete in the future. If they are going to take valuable time and read what I have there & want to "friend", there must be something in "common". I very much understand & empathize with the need (& I mean NEED) to be overprotective. They are fearfully trying to reach out and I will never slap that outstretched hand away; I will embrace it & give a virtual "hug" in response. If I have a "friend" request & the page is blocked, just accepting usually unblocks the page. If there is something nefarious (& there has been), those people just disappeared after administration was notified. I will never give information about my exact location. I will never put pictures of me, my animals, family/friends, so a savvy sleuth can find any of us, nor use the pictures for pedophiles, nor use them in a "con". My birth date is not real (close enough) & I only use my avatar T. P. The rest of what I say & feel is spot on accurate. A lot of my "friends" I have nothing in common with them... nothing... diversity is the spice of life... They still always have something to teach me... and, as long as they want to be a friend with me, I will absolutely enjoy their company, & be their friend. T P

03/27/2013 00:06:19

I spent a bit of time to learn exactly what can be seen and not seen by non-members of NOTH. The only areas that are open to the public are Blogs and Forums. In my opinion, if there is nothing that can be seen to give a "flavor" of the site, I doubt that I would join. I feel the same about invitations that I have received from members who have their profile page blocked so that only members can see it. Unless I can learn a bit about the member first (do we have anything in common?), I don't accept the invitation.

If we want friends and family to visit out page on NOTH, we can send them the link address so they can drop by for a visit.

As the site settings are at this moment, I have no problem with it and will continue to enjoy my time on The Hill.


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