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Hillsdale Update
Posted On 04/02/2013 05:35:59 by Derrough

Up and at 'em folks...
And a hearty good morning to all..and sundry. (You know who you are.)...

Thank you to all who have left comments..It is so very much appreciated.

As most of you are aware, I have taken a sabbatical to write a book.
The book is still a work in progress, but I have finally managed to approach the year 1800. Not bad at all I figure, given that I started in Beringia at the end of the last ice age. 10,000 years (give or take), is not a bad year's work.
At the moment, the book and everything else is on hold.

Last November, my youngest sister, (actually my baby as our mother developed metatastic breast cancer before she was aged 2), was diagnosed with stage 3 adenocarcinoma. As you can imagine, the past 4 months have been an emotional seesaw alternating between extreme hope and dark despair. She's a fighter, my kid, and we six sibs are in this all together. One for all and all for one. The way it has been our entire life.
Then my stepmother, (my Mom's first cousin), fell in January, broke her hip, and died after a 10 day hospitilization. Since she had never accepted that 6 children were part of the package she agreed to when she married my father, we have spent the past 3 months negotiating a separation, with the estate executor,  of Mom and Dad's effects from hers.
Not, as you can no doubt imagine, an especially serene experience. 

Today ends it with the return of Mom's and Dad's wee bits and bobs. Nothing of much monetary value, just things which were passed down through parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Postcards, letters, bibles, hymnals, as well as gifts to them from we children.

It is done.

The wonderful thing is that all my sibs, including my youngest sister will be arriving next week for a full 5 days, from points right across Canada, and staying here. We will all be together again once more under one roof.
We are taking this one small window of opportunity between the RAD/Chemo and Maggie's upcoming lung resection in May to all be united once more, and share lots of laughter, and I predict, not a few tears.

Such is the circle of life.

I haven't forgotten you, my friends, and I will return as soon as it is possible to do so.
At the moment everything is on hold as I spend hours on the phone and firing off/answering emails to my sister. I'm her life consultant at the moment, as I have spent the past 50 years specializing in acute and palliative health care.

I miss you one and all...
I will be back.


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04/07/2013 20:30:28

You have a lot of courage and a positive out look. Enjoy.

04/07/2013 17:24:57

Wow, Heather, you do have your "plate full"  My heart feels what you are saying.  I wish the best that can possibly be for your Sister.  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy each other's company.  This cannot be easy. 

Big hugs,


04/04/2013 14:07:01

Hi Sue;

 North American History as told by the story of one family;

However, given the family it is actually the entire story of human habitation, birth of countries, and immigration, (the reasons for), of North America..From The Bering Land Bridge to New Amsterdam, New France, BNA. Includes: Denmark, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Yorkshire and Kent England, The Irish Potato Famine, The Highland Clearances, St. Helena in the South Atlantic, Religion and Politics, American War of Independence, American War between the States,  War of 1812-14, 100 Year War, Upper Canada Rebellion, Canadian Confederation to the present. Only 200 years left to go.


04/04/2013 13:41:05

I do not really know you but I wantd to send you a note saying I know all of you will enjoy your visit.  And that I put your sister and you both on my prayer list.  What is your book about I am interestined in knowing your topic.. you must be a very displined lady to have written that much that is quite and accomplishment. 

Best wishes.. sue

04/04/2013 03:18:24

My thoughts will be with you and yours for your happy get together


04/03/2013 01:07:12

04/02/2013 09:48:00

Oh Heather, what a "circus" your life has become and I don't mean circus as in fun.  I'm so sorry to read about all that has befallen your family.

My prayer for you would be that all of you have a wonderful time when you get together.  Somehow that has to be the start of healing for all of you.  Much love,  Ellie

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