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One more thing for us to be thankful for...
Posted On 10/15/2013 00:23:47 by yourchoice

We are back home, after travelling and visiting family for three weeks, and even though today was Canadian Thanksgiving, we chose to have a quiet day at home. Both my husband and I had to contend with chest colds when we were travelling, which wasn't in our plans, so a quiet day and light meals was what we craved. We had our own entertainment this afternoon, provided by wildlife in the back yard.

In our travels, we purchased an unusual bird feeder from a dealer at an Antique Mall. The birdhouse isn't an antique, but we thought it would be an interesting addition to the view we have from our favorite chairs.

The birdhouse is totally metal with several windows that clearly show the seeds inside. The unique features is the bar on the front that has adjusments. The heavier creatures that land on the bar cause covers to rise up to over the holes where the seeds are available. In our case, the squirrels keeps trying to figure out how to get to the seeds that could be seen through the windows, and the magpies have been doing a lot of squalking because the only seeds they could find were on the patio below the feeder ... nothing from the feeder, even though there was lots to look at.

Meanwhile, the chickadees arrived and kept working for better positions on the feeder bar. One time I saw 5 of them on the bar at the same time, but they are very wary of the magpies, so the activity continued ... coming and going at great speed. Here's a picture ... with one chickodee.

This may be a boring activity for some, but we continue to be fascinated by nature in our backyard.

Our Thanksgiving continues ... there is always, ALWAYS, something to be thankful for each day, not just on the designated day on the calendar. Today, the birds were included in my list of things for which I am thankful; they kept us entertained this afternoon.

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10/15/2013 19:54:35

Forgot to add, once at this house we had a feeder with a roof, the birds liked that one.  We live close to a small lake and the ducks found the lake.  We had a female Mallard duck fly up to the deck, perch on top of that feeder, then she'd get her large body into that feeder and she's absolutely decimate all that food.  Once gone, she'd leave, but she could sure scoop it up.  Ellie

10/15/2013 19:51:04

We just bought a new feeder, it's a tray with screen on the bottom for drainage.  NUTZ! never gave the squirrels a thought.  We have had one or two, and this will make it very easy for them to feed from once they find it.  We mix the feed with corn and that's what they like.  I doubt that anything will stop a determined squirrel.  At a different home quite a few years ago, we used to have one feeder for the squirrels and then feeders for the birds too.  Worked, but this one is too easy.  Oh well, they have to eat too.  Ellie

10/15/2013 13:12:57

We had to stop feeding birds..We live in the country and this would bring on the bears and racoons.  The bears had no fear of humans nor dogs, and would try to gain access into the house by clawing the patio doors as my husband ran for the rifle and I for the camera.. I got to shot a fuzzy picture and he got to shoot at  nothing while the bear ran away.. It was a harrowing situation.. The problem was, the bears kept coming back throughout the season, checking up on us to see if we were indeed feeding birds lol.
So now we just rely on the scattering of birds that Mother Nature sends us..
Cheers Nancy

10/15/2013 13:06:58

HOORAY for Feathered Friends!

10/15/2013 12:10:31

salfordian wrote:

...we also bought another one for the chickadees and woodpeckers, an upside down one, ...

... speaking of an "upside down one", we have a second feeder that we have hanging over the bushes. It is mounted on a painted steel pole, but the squirrels have figured out how to shinny up the pole, run along the top brace, and hang upside down to get to the feed. They often miscalculates the distance and his face is below the tray. They can't figure out that the food is above their head and can't be seen. Eventually, they let go and drop to the ground. They don't give up easily because soon one appears again at the bottom of the pole.

10/15/2013 08:45:49

I too, watch birds, from my window by the computer. I could use a birdhouse like yours! I have a chipmunk, as well as visiting squirrels, robbing the food, before the birds can enjoy it.

10/15/2013 02:11:59

wow how neat is that... !!  I love to watch birds too.  Hopefully by the end of next month I will be moved into a downstairs apartment and there is a tree about 6 feet from my front window the previous lady who lived there had feeders so the birds are used to coming there and come they do. !!  Thanks for sharing that picture it is indeed a different kind of feeder.

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