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The Scarecrow
Posted On 01/20/2015 17:21:53 by BreeWolfe

The Scarecrow

I have a lady scarecrow in my flower garden. The only thing she has ever scared is my little puppy, Bicuit. Probably because she's a pretty scarecrow with a big smile :-) Everyday when I leave in my car or on a walk she's there with that big smile and when I come back she welcomes me with that same smile. She has weathered the hot summers and cold winters, storms,and cats. Today I found her laying on the ground. The wooden pole that holds her up was broken. When I picked her up I realized how worn and faded she had become. I knew I couldn't just throw her away. Sometimes we all get a little worn and ragged but we still have a place in this world and a purpose, a value.I found the little plastic porch chair my girls used to sit in on the porch. I secured her in that little white chair and now she is out of the weather and I'm sure our porch is now well protected. She's still smiling...

Today I bought another scarecrow for the flower garden. It's a boy this time and he has a big smile on his face. One day Miss scarecrow is going to be in for a big surprise. I bought another little white chair...No matter how worn or ragged we may get there is always a place for us...

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01/23/2015 23:08:10

Thank you, Karen!

01/23/2015 18:57:09

I'm all new to this Blog. thing ! but so enjoyed your Weather lady getting a rest ... Very nicely written, Karen

01/23/2015 15:33:01

Thank you! :-)

01/21/2015 17:29:56

Thank you, Don!

01/21/2015 05:10:56

.......... Like your blog ......... It doesn't say what friends look like or what they are ............

................ Friends are always there for you ...........

01/21/2015 02:18:08

Thanks, Barb!

01/21/2015 02:11:13

I love your blog too Bree. Sometimes we're too quick to throw things away, but sentimental people see the value of things that have provided pleasure for years, and deserve our ongoing care. Good on you, Bree.

01/21/2015 00:55:44

Thank you so much!

01/20/2015 23:29:48

Thank you, Darlene!

01/20/2015 23:29:12

Thank you, Gill!

01/20/2015 23:24:16

What a touching blog, Bree.  I enjoyed reading it very much. 

01/20/2015 21:05:29

Thank you so much!

01/20/2015 20:43:38

Beautiful post.

01/20/2015 18:02:34

LOL Mine have never scared anything they're supposed to scare!

Yes,  Miss Biscuit

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