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One never knows
Posted On 04/28/2015 17:38:25 by oppsgal

Early Monday morning a man from the gas company knocked on a door of a home about 1/2 mile from me.  He was met at the door by a man around 50 years old with a rifle and told to get off property.  ... The Gas man went to his truck and called the police.

That is what began a 29 hour stand off with our police department and a mentally ill former soilder who was what they call a "doomsday prepper.  what is that you say.. it is someone who heavely arms himself with supplies, weapons, and amunition.thinking one day our government would try to take away our freedoms and establish a new nation.

 The negotiations began.  4  armored swat trucks, and specially trained policemen from several countys, and the state capitol.  Over the next 28 hours the man fired at the police to try to kill as many as he could 70 plus times.  he injured no one. He was using armor piercing bullets. and shot up several police cars.  and some bullet holes in the armored swat trucks.  The police talked to him begging him to come out, then they used fire hose to flood his basement where he was and had previously built a bunker..  Through out this time they would send off flash bangs so loud they could be heard for about a mile.  The near by residents that were home were evacuated.  Helicoptors over head, media tv , newspapers FBI Homeland Security.etc camped out. giving the man room yet no room to escape.  Constantly talking to him.. this continued on throughout the night.  

We have a little gal about 24 years old who is a reporter for our small town newspaper.  She kept us the public informed with the goings on through her twitter phone account. Sending out quick reports of what was happening some times seconds apart somtimes every 10 minutes. Very professional.  I hope she gets an award she did an excellent job of reporting and also stopping rumors that were traveling the facebook and other news sources.  I must say our police did everything that could be done to talk this man down and out of his home.  He would not listen. 

Finally about 11:30 am this morning it was decided they would have to go in after him. So they rammed the house side wall.  and a military sniper was called upon to shoot the man.  He was shot in the head and is now dead...

I have seen such things on tv programs and on the news.  But never thought about it happening here.  We just never know who is living around us, I thank God none of our policemen were injured and I ask for prayers for them for healing from the trama they faced these officers cared what was going to happen to this fella... They two didn't want it to end this way... But they did their job and did it well while facing the chance that they might be hurt or die.  Well done officers..

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05/20/2015 14:48:16

 Wow that is so sad   you are right you never know these days.  and so glad no one was Injured or killed.    PTSD  is a Serious thing and it's sad that some of these Soldiers are going through this

04/29/2015 12:26:16

Did you miss the paragraph indicating he fired at the police 70+ times with armour piercing bullets?  Were the police supposed to wait until an officer or bystander was killed?   Excessive policing?  The doomsday prepper description is irrelevant.  He was doing his very best to injur and kill.  As far as I am concerned, the man committed suicide by police.

04/29/2015 11:02:04

@ Touched Painter....... there is nothing negative about being a doomsday prepper.. in fact I think people are smart to be prepared for anything now a days. In fact one might say I am a mild prepper my self.   

This man was mentally ill.  and yes perhaps y ou are right he may have thought he was back in combat... But what else were the police to do... they tried flushing him out with water.. talking to him.. having friends and having his brother talk to him on the phone ( from the Phillipines )  they cut off all power.. they asked him to come out and no one would be hurt.. over 300 times..over and over again.. they communicated.  He still continued to shoot very high powered bullets at them and at house around him. 

and doomsday prepper is not an uneducated term.. its a term that is often used.  and which most people understand.  so there so there..

and you were not here to see it and hear it minute by minute. 

I belive the man would still be in there and the stand off going on. 

The police Did a very good job... everything that could be done was done.  Tear gass did not work as he had gas masks. 

04/29/2015 10:58:15

I agree with you, Painter...I was going to write a response using the phrase Excessive Policing...but you've said it all...except go to war for our country and you can expect  to come home, not get any help for your ptsd, have a meltdown in your own home and be assassinated by the police.  SHAME on the police involved!

04/29/2015 09:05:20

The police did not do their job. "Doomsday Preppers" is an uneducated term assigned to this person without actually asertaining first. And when did it become acceptable to randomly lable others. I know several so called "doomsday Preppers" personally. They are lovely, sharing, caring, civic minded, community people, eager to break bread & help anyone who asks. Being a "Doomsday Prepper" is a nasty negative term & has nothing to do with being antisocial. DO NOT BELIEVE ANY REALITY SHOW, THEY ARE ALL FAKE & HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH REALITY. I did work on the "Home makeover w/ Ty Pennington". They are fake. Every single scene shown on TV is reshot several times, until the got the reaction they were lookinng for...every scene. They are fake. This man clearly was suffering from POST TRAMATIC STRESS SYNDROME. The police handled this all WRONG. My town's police would have (as they already have in several towns, with the same senario, here in NH) gotten ahold of the relatives to assertain if there was a medical condition (such as PTSD) then the man's doctor or in the case of an exconvict, etc., the parole officer or anyone already helping, to treat the person. They cordoned off the area out of view of the person with the meltdown, to try to mellow the situation, & not escalate it. Then send in a professional "Negotiator" for a one-on-one. This disgusting over the top "Gestapo on steroids" first response, tatic was totally unprofessional. The man never left his house, never took a shot at the gas guy. In NH the home owner had taken a shot at the "GG", & still quietly & calmly defused the situation & took the home owner into custody w/ no more violance. The police could not have escellated this out of proportion any more than it was, even if they tried, because they went full tilt, war zone, as the first responce. Because of the over-the-top jerk-kick, no prior thought, reaction, if someone else had been hurt, it would have been 100% the police fault... AGAIN. What is wrong with police departments, in the USA, today!!! They have to respond to everything with over the top brute force, first. If you want to kill a fly you don't start with a shot gun, then finally resort to a rolled up newspaper. They couldn't have forced him to go deeper into his PTSD so he lost all sembelance of reality, He had to have thought he was back in the war zone fighting enemy combat troops, still. Bad policing...Bad policing.

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