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Posted On 08/23/2015 23:43:05 by StoryBoat

One excuse that I will never use is an excuse for getting wet, in the water or on the water..in my case, both actions are usually drops in the same bucket.

~My earliest memory is of falling off a dock post at a Minnesotan lake.  I remember watching my air bubbles effervesce to the surface, while I sank.  Mom told me once, that after I was rescued, all I talked about for weeks was the "pretty bubbles".

~~While growing up in western Washington, there were more than enough opportunities during rainy season, to have fun splishing my bare toes through large and gooey mud puddles.

Our farm was lakefront property. The lake was twenty feet deep at its shallowest depth, so I learned to swim before I entered kindergarten.

Several years later, I went to a classmate's swimming party, held at a larger resort-like lake.  The other kids laughed at me because the   "crib" section of the lake was too shallow for me...I kept hitting the sandy bottom.

~~~We moved to Oregon when I was thirteen.  The only available swimmable water was in our artificial pool (which I considered a necessary evil).   

~~~~At University, which was located beside a quiet river, I bought my first inflatable dinghy.

I lived in co-op housing, and while I was never? the instigator of a  water fight (via bucket, hose or squirt gun) I was always ready to dive into the fracas.

~~~~~One summer break, I was a camp counselor in the high country of Colorado.  On a free afternoon, I went on a solitary hike and found a pond. I stripped.  As I waded into the figid water, a beaver, from across the pond, slapped its tail and lumbered out. My next day off, I went to the pond again and spent hours (hidden behind cattails) watching a beaver ballet.                                              ~~~~~~After University, came several dry years, when my only recreational opportunity to get wet, was  "Singing In The Rain", outdoors, during storms.

~~~~~~~When the "State of Jefferson" became my home port, an understanding friend introduced me to a former gravel quarry turned pond on county property. For thirty years, I've biked out to kaleidoscope (my name for it) Pond, as often as possible (usually once a week) six months out of our year.

~~~~~~~~More Excuses I've used  to get wet:  Swimming off the Baja Coast, Wading in the Atlantic Ocean, off Bar Harbor Maine; wading in Loch Lomond, Scotland; Rowing on a lake in England's Lake District; Spending four nights on a Narrowboat cruise, along an English canal;

Wading in the healing pool in Glastonbury, England...the ONE day during my September 2013 trip that I had the opportunity to wade, was the day that I was wearing jeans, instead of parachute pants and had left my aqua socks back at the B&B.  

Did I let my lack of proper wading costume anchor me to dry ground?



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08/25/2015 18:11:11

Yahooo!  I love the water, too, but almost drowned twice.  The shore has to be pretty close now.

08/24/2015 18:36:01

Wonderful days you've spent dripping Kath. What a neat childhood you had. You're a natural mermaid. Encore!

08/24/2015 08:55:51

'Divinity' may be second go around, Diane... This time 'D' will be for Delays and Diversions when I get it polished a bit more.

08/24/2015 06:45:45

Finally, the long awaited blog from you, Kath. Being that I grew up in "dry land" country, I never learned to swim. For me, the only acceptable place to get my whole body wet is in the shower. Reading your experiences makes me realize that I have missed out on some great fun.  

Let's go build a snowman!

08/24/2015 01:53:44

Thanks JohnJ.  I found the "E" blog to be exhausting.  I wrote half a page each for five different E subjects and was not satisfied, so sent them to cyberspace.  REMEMBER, this challenge is NOT a race.  W're all to submit at our own pace. :)

08/24/2015 01:45:45

Nice one, Kath. I could almost imagine myself with you every splash of the way... Not that I am that keen on dipping and diving.

My 'D' got put on hold today. Sunday morning church and afternoon spent canning peaches got in the way of productive typing, but it is on the way!

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