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G is for Gazing
Posted On 11/18/2015 01:11:43 by StoryBoat

 Gazing is one of my favorite pastimes.

What is gazing?  According to my online friend,the Word Hippo, to Gaze is to "look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise or thought".

     Recently, I was sitting on a stone bench at a university campus, waiting for a friend.   Loud laughter erupted behind me.  Startled, I spun around...to fix my gaze on two arguing (sure sounded like human laughter!) squirrels.  They put on quite a show, one chasing the other around, up and down a Tanoak tree.

    Last week, I let my gazing get too intense.  I got to within three sidewalk squares of a roaming wild tom turkey (yes, they're trying to take over my residential neighborhood)!  I was gazing upon and silently admiring Tom's absurdities, when suddenly,  he gobbled hysterically, spread his tail, and stomped toward me. I slowly retreated backward and didn't stop until I was positioned to close my front door.

   There are gallons of gazing opportunities out at "my pond"...pretty pebbles on the sandy pond bottom, schools of fish of all sizes, hovers of damselflies and dragonflies, bales of turtles and armies of frogs to watch.

    I like to play a game with the frogs. While lying almost prone in my rubber dinghy, I paddle by hand, to within inches of a frog sitting partially submerged in shoreline water weeds. We gaze at each other for a time of kairos and then I paddle away, trying not to scare the frog into submerging or leaping. It's taken practice, but I win most of the time, now.

    After my cataract surgery in 2013, I spent a month in the United Kingdom.  It was FUN to gaze about me, without the hassle of wearing glasses 16-7 (a pastime that I had not had the privilege of experiencing since my preschool years). One evening, I was alone in a narrowboat moored to a canal post. My hosts had gone to their cottage overnight (as was their habit).  The sun had set, welcoming in a clear night unmanacled by the mist that had tried to mar every previous night of my voyage. I opened the hatch over my bunk so that I could gaze at the starry sky, while drifting off to sleep.

    I gazed.  I gazed and while I gazed, I was suddenly saturated with the knowledge that I was seeing the stars with my naked eyes, for the first time in my life!  

     I wept.  I wept tears of wonder, tears of joy, tears of gratitude to the God whose Presence I feel in my life.


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11/18/2015 21:00:23

Loved your descriptive blog. My husband was so glad to get rid of his glasses after having his cataract surgery. Time on an English narrowboat is still on our "bucket list". Who knows if it will happen! As for watching wildlife... we have some good and some bad times. We don't watch for coyotes at night (they are too shy) but meeting a porcupine or a badger in our yard at night is something we hope to avoid. Birds always get our attention.

My favorite, and time-consuming activity in the city is 'gazing' at the people. It sure passes the time when I need to wait on "you know who"!  

Keep up the good writing, Kath... don't make us wait so long next time!

11/18/2015 20:43:16

Gazing outward while gazing inward.  Lovely, my dear friend!

11/18/2015 17:45:54

An amusing and wonderful read!  That one came straight from the heart. Beautiful!

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