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Forever in my heart..
Posted On 11/28/2016 14:17:23 by Sugar_Baby

I just got back and I have already received some bad news ..
I feel so sad

One of my friends on the Hill has left me and his friends forever..

Life is not fair for those who do not deserve to leave this world ..

I can only say that I am glad I gave he a bit 'of serenity and 

joy and made to feel special him 

for what he was: "himself"May his soul rest in peace ... 

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01/14/2017 21:34:24

Viewing 1 - 5 out of 5 Comments

From: salfordian2
01/14/2017 21:33:05

only one thing in life is certain, one day it will end often unfortunate for the living my wonderful wife left eart on march 27, easter sunday 2016  i will grieve as long as my heart beats and look forward to meeting her again when it's my turn to leaveone day, when it happens i won't fight it i will limp as fast as i can to the light or what ever we seei will love her forever she is alive today but only in my heart, try talking to your friend i talk to Diane every day, never get an answere though,lol,bye for now my lovely hill friends the bed is calling me to lie down  and keep it companylove to all, arthur

12/05/2016 10:58:28

If you post the Username of the person you are talking about, then everyone will know who it is. And Admin can put that person's Profile into the Memoriam group.

12/04/2016 16:11:29

Oh my. My sympathies.

12/03/2016 15:51:26

i know how you feel unfortunatly, i'm building a new life but it will never be the same without Diane, salfordian beng with me in person she will always be in my heart though while i am still alive, when i'm not, we will be together again, i won't rush it but it will happen one day, none of us get out of life alive

12/02/2016 11:34:58

R.I.P. Victor!

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