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Our Crazy Weather
Posted On 03/12/2017 13:25:29 by susanindixie

What bothers me most is it is unnatural for the weather to change so much from day to day. It's confusing to nature to be out of sync like this. It's been many years it's been like this. I first started to notice the changes back in the middle seventies. It has progressively gotten worse year after year. It affects the birds too. I seldom see a blue bird anymore. Jays and woodpeckers have all but abandoned Georgia. I accept the global warming theroy and the evolution of the planet but I worry about how long we have till human survival can continue to exist. I am just one little lady that enjoys nature. I miss hearing the wipperwill calling early in the morning. It has been decades since I've heard one.  I guess most people don't notice all of God's creatures that have gone missing, I didn't used to either, it makes me wonder what is really going on.


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03/20/2017 22:44:43

You blog is so relevant to what tis happening today.  I can remember growing up we had desert extremes, hot as hell during the day and freezing cold in the wee morning hours.  Gone are those days forever because of the asphalt and concrete jungle.


03/13/2017 20:02:38

Sarasota County has tornado warnings. Mon. 8:52 PM... It should be over soon...

03/13/2017 14:14:08

Those who adapt will survive. I bet there will still be cockroaches.

03/13/2017 10:59:32

For certain our weather has changed! in Northren Indiana, our winters were usually harsh! This has been a mild and up&down temperatures all winter! God is in control! Hugs Shirley

03/12/2017 15:29:28

Yes, our climate is definitely changing. This is the strangest 'winter' I've ever seen.  While we don't normally have a lot of snow, we do usually have at least one 'good' snow of maybe 6 inches.  And when I looked it up, I found that our 'average' per year is nearly 18 inches.  This year, we have had a total of under 2 inches for the entire wnter--here at our home; we've had one day of ice, just enough to cause some accidents. And we've only had a few days of really cold temperatures. We've had so many days of temps in the 60's and 70's, which is just not normal for us.

While we've enjoyed the mild weather, I am afraid it's going to cause big problems with crops this coming summer.   I really don't know about animals; but it wouldn't surprise me to learn the changing climate is having an effect on them.  

03/12/2017 13:52:24

Thanks for posting your blog on this very current topic. We've all seen so many changes in our lifetime, with many attempts to explain what is happening. As a child, I remember having so much snow, that when the plow tried to clear the road, the piles at the side were higher than the Greyhound bus. In some areas today, it is happening again, while at other places there are loud complaints if the ground is white with a dusting of snow.

My comment... "It is what it is!"

I know that the Creator of this amazing universe is still in charge, and each breath that I have is a gift from Him. Life goes on until He says, "That's enough! You're done!"

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