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D- Designing my Profile Page
Posted On 04/18/2017 10:54:47 by Altara3

I actually had several ideas for my 'D' Blog. However, this one is so 'me', I just had to use it!

When I first joined NOTH, I didn't know anything about social sites, including how to design my own profile page. So I started out using NOTH Layouts.  Later, I decided I wanted to try my own design.  Luckily for me, there were several very helpful people here who were eager to help all of us 'newbies'.  I joined a group called NOTH LAYOUTS, run by DocShell. Shell was so very helpful to all of us who wanted to learn.  She gave us the 'codes' needed to personalize our pages. Shell is no longer able to 'be' here at NOTH; but all of the information she--and the other designers--shared is still here, in that group.

And most of the info can also be found in the NOTH Computer Help & Info Group; when I joined this group in 2009, it was called COMPUTER TIPS & TRICKS.  When the original moderator left NOTH, I took over as Moderator & eventually the name was changed, to reflect the changing information in the group. One of the QUICK LINKS threads is called 'common faq about how to do things here'.  Several of us monitor that group's forum, so you can usually find someone to answer whatever questions you might have.  

Now, before I go on, I have to say: PLEASE do not 'change' actual Layouts! The designers spend a lot of time and energy (not to mention actual money, buying the programs which help them make layouts) on their designs & many of them specifically tell you NOT to change the designs. 

The info I'm talking about is for when you design your own page, without an actual Layout!  I work with a lot of graphics designers and they also tell you NOT to change/re-size, etc. any of their designs.

Again I have to say: many of the things I change on my page are things that actual Layouts have already taken care of. But if you are not using an actual Layout, then you can use the different codes to 'fix' your page the way you want it.   Example: I prefer to have my main background at least partially show through so I use Opacity to do that.  And, I like to 'match' the colors from my main background in the comments background as well as the 'box' background (About Me, Things I Like, etc). 

Over the years, I've had 'themes' when I design my profile: everything from colors (with graphics in those colors, like Mauve, or Teal, etc) to Cats, Unicorns, Butterflies, Science Fiction (either 'general' or a specific SF topic like Star Trek or Dr. Who, etc).  I've even had a Chocolate page. The possibilities are endless!

Right now, I have an Easter page--although that will change as soon as I come up with an idea! I got rid of the winter theme on my 'main' account (Altara336060), but haven't yet decided on my next theme for that page, either.  So far, I've just put on a pretty teal background. 

I'm waiting for inspiration to hit!   And when it does, I'll probably spend hours finding just the right graphics to complete the page.  It's what I do.  Friends tell me it's my 'creative' side coming out. Whatever it is, it's something I really enjoy doing.  So...stop by sometime to see what I finally come up with.            


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04/22/2017 23:50:27

Awesome you got to learn a lot. This being your first site is interesting too. I just learned in another blog this site was around when I was on my own first social site, Yahoo360. I learned some there about themes but not enough. The thing is learning css code to build themes. I never did so it's just copy and paste the codes. Thanks to all the designers who share their stuff for us to use!

04/22/2017 16:52:26


04/19/2017 22:08:55

WOW! I just visited your page, and it is great. Putting a photo as a background is a great idea. I love the challenge of coming up with my own theme/design, learning new methods, and recalling much of what I learned when I had my graphic design business. Diane, thanks for sharing!

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