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G-- Generations
Posted On 08/01/2017 17:29:21 by Altara3


My generation is called Baby Boomers, due to the 'boom' in births after WW II.  Technically, I think the 'boomer' generation goes from the mid 1940's till around 1960.

But what the heck are "Millenials"? Or "gen X'ers"?  I had to look them up. Apparently, "Gen X" is the generation after ours, having been born between the mid 1960's to the early 1980's. And "Millenials" (also known as the Y generation) are those born from the early 1980's to the early 2000's.

Whatever you call the 'younger' generations, they are definitely different from ours! It's an entirely different world they were born into. They've never known what it's like to live under the threat of nuclear war, during the Cold War. Most of them have never known a world without 'instant' access to news. Most of them can't understand why 'we' refer to our younger days as 'the good old days'.  But, of course, I can say that about our generation when we think about those who were born before WW II. I suppose there will always be a "Generation Gap". That's just life. 


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08/05/2017 11:12:55

Chilipepper:  "I was born during the war so not too sure what I would be classed as !! Just a '40's'  kid I guess."

  I looked it up and your generation was called "the Silent Generation"--the one after the "GI Generation".   Interesting! Here's the Wikipedia info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silent_Generation

08/01/2017 21:51:43

Great blog! One additional difference to add to the younger generation. I recently read that there is a very high number of the younger generation who deal with depression (I don't think we had time to be depressed in our generation!). One conclusion was that there is "too much information"; younger people can't handle that much information on a continual basis.

08/01/2017 21:14:49

So vey true. I was born during the war so not too sure what I would be classed as !! Just a '40's'  kid I guess. I remember my parents had 'ration' tickets which they had to use to buy things and they had to use them wisely for if they run out they could not purchase things and that included Petrol, Kerosene etc. My mum often exchanged things with people, that we made on the farm such as eggs, butter, fruit etc but we never went hungry and appreciated all we had and made everything last. Something that very few of the  modern generation do. Yes, each Generation is different.

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