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L - Library
Posted On 08/29/2017 18:34:55 by Altara3

The public Library has always been one of my favorite places to visit.  I think that started when I was in seventh grade (about age 11 or 12). I can't remember if my school had a library.  It probably did.   But mainly, I remember visiting the public library, which was fairly close to our junior high school. I think the first time I visited it was to gather information for a 'term paper' I had to write for Social Studies class.  Or maybe it was just to find more or different books to read. That was so long ago that I don't really remember for sure.

I soon realized that library had a lot of 'good reading' for children my age--fiction.  I became addicted to reading for fun. One of the first 'series' I remember reading was about a young nurse named Cherry Ames.   I think--from what I found just now--that the first book was called Cherry Ames, Student Nurse.   I don't know how many of them I read, but it was probably all of that series that our library carried!  

 I do remember that I was an avid reader; I was there so frequently, they amended the normal 'limit' of books for 'children' to 6 for me--the normal adult limit.  I think I would finish all six before the week's time limit was up.  I remember going to the libary after school and walking home from there.  

I continued using the public library in every place we lived.  It was probably one of the  first things I asked my parents about each time we moved.

Now, of course, I read 'eBooks'. So I quit 'going' to the library in person once I learned I could download books via my computer.  In fact, last summer when I had to physically go to the library to renew my library card, it was quite a shock to 'see' all the changes that had been made to our local library.  Yes, I had read about the renovations in the newspaper;but it was 'real' once I saw it in person.   And while there are surely more books to choose from in person, I probably won't be going back to the library until I need to rewew my card again. I have to admit  I 'get' more books via Amazon now; but I doubt I'll ever stop using the online library.  


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08/30/2017 19:03:17

We have a nice Library in town that was completely renovated just a few short years ago. Having impaired vision since birth I used to go there a lot for either the Large Print books or Audio Books but haven't been there for at least 12 months. I get most of my books now from the Thrift shop or Lifeline store in Town. The Thrift shop especially gets a lot of used books in and have a good turnover and are very cheap.  My reading is mostly at night after I'd retired to bed. After I bought my Tablet I mixed reading an Ebook or playing a quiz game or Solitaire so do not read as often as I once did.  We do have a Speciality second hand Book Store in Town that I used a lot as she has such a good selection, however she charges almost as much as what the book would have cost in the first place and although you take back the books you have bought and want to exchange them for different ones the trade/exchange price she gives is so low that when I worked it out the expense was not worth it so haven't been there in ages. I have noticed that her customers rate has fallen drastically for this reason, but she does not seem to mind as when walking past at any time one can always see that she is always sitting at her desk reading, probably the same thing she would be doing if she was at home.

08/30/2017 13:33:18

I love to read too. When I was in high school, I walked past the library every day on my way to and from school. Because I had about 52 blocks to walk (if it was bad weather, I did take the bus as far as it would go, and then walked the rest), I would even try to start a new book from the library while I was walking.

All that changed when I went into nursing school. All the time I had to read had to be book assigned in our coarse. When I moved to a small town for my first job as an R.N., there was no library in the town, so I borrowed books from people in the town. By the time we moved to the city, we had a young family and I had no vehicle to go to the library; only traveled on the bus, except when my husband (the realtor) had time to go grocery shopping with me. Have you ever had the opportunity/privelage to ride a city bus with two overly active toddlers? There is no library where we live now. Because we don't pay city taxes, we cannot use the libraries in the city.

Thank goodness my husband also liked to read, so we started going to "book sales", garage sales etc. and we have one room in our home that we call the library. When eReaders first came on the market, our adult children gave me an eReader for my birthday, and I love it. Hubby prefers to be able to turn paper pages, but it don't matter to me. I also do a lot of reading on my computer where I can set the text larger.

Yet another challenge of the advanced years!!!!!

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