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N- Neighbors
Posted On 09/07/2017 11:35:51 by Altara3

Neighbors.  I've heard that in 'cities', people don't know their neighbors.  In small towns, everyone knows everyone else. Our town is 'in between'.

At approximately 42,000 people, I actually don't run into people I know very often when out shopping--except for my actual neighbors.   My senior class--the last before the 'split' when a second public high school appeared--was 800.  A few of my fellow  graduates became public figures, but other than those, I don't actually see many of my class.  Of course, that's probably because many have moved out of this area; Scott AFB accounted for quite a few of my fellow students--and military people move frequently. 

But talking about actual 'neighbors' is different. I know everyone in close proximity.  Of course, our 'neighborhood' is a mobile home community; it consists of 96 homes.  Ten years ago, when my husband and I were 'managers' here, I could name who lived in every single home.  Now, many of those have changed: moved, sold their homes, etc.  And we have more 'rental' homes now than we did back then.  But  I still 'know' many people who live here.  

As we've all aged, my husband and I have helped many of our senior citizens over the years.  It seems that many 'families' seem to ignore senior citizens. So neighbors become more important. When we need something, there is always someone there volunteering to help us, as well.

And yes, we've lost friends/neighbors over the years.  I still miss my good friend/neighbor Audrey, who passed away 4 years ago at age 87. And my husband misses his friends who also passed a few years ago:  Glen, Ron, Jimmy.  

No, the neighborhood just isn't the same without them. However, we've made new  friends as others moved into our neighborhood.  Across the street are Trudy and Steve; around the corner--Rufus & Jennifer with their children; farther down the street is Barb. Between us and Barb are others, like the Mueller sisters.  Those are just a few that I can name offhand; my husband can name at least another couple of dozen. 

So yes, neighbors are important.  They know they can count on us just as we can count on them, should the need arise. 


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09/09/2017 22:48:49

Living in a country town and growing up on a farm we knew all of our neighbours and in my young days my parent's generation would visit each other to play cards or just sit around and talk.  Those days are vanishing quickly even in the Rural areas.  Some say it's because of the busy life people live but I believe it's more because we have so much to entertain us at home.  Much of the reason too is that the trust with neighbours has been lost because of varius reasons. Once we could go out and not bother to lock our doors. The house was always unlocked as back then no-one would ever contemplate breaking in or entering someone's house when they were not home. The same can be said for having to lock our vehicles now, no-matter how long we will be away from it. I lock my car immediately I move away from it as does everyone here now. Years ago we never locked our vehicles and always left the window down in summer to allow the cool air in.  It's sad that we do not feel safe anymore.

09/07/2017 13:19:10

I can't imagine living among a crowd of people I have never met. We did live in an apartment for four months while waiting for our new house to be finished. (My husband's brother was a custom house builder, and my husband was a realtor). Either my husband had a great buyer who wanted the house we were living in, or his brother had just purchased lots in a new subdivion, and there was a "perfect" lot for us. Our home was always a show home for his company.

When we moved out of the city, we threw away all the packing boxes; we were sick of moving. The only move we made since 1975 was when we downsized from our house to our renovated garage... no basement and no second floor.

We're here until the handi-bus has to come and get us!!!!

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