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O - Opalescent
Posted On 09/16/2017 19:23:11 by Altara33606

O - Opalescent, which is the same thing as Iridescent. I had no idea what word to use for my “O” Blog until a few minutes ago. This week, I’ve been going through all the glassware which we had decided to sell in a yard sale. I found a few things that are actually Depression Glassware and are Opalescent. Naturally, I decided not to sell them! Not only are they pretty, but even though these pieces aren’t actually worth much--moneywise--they are ‘family pieces’. So they won’t go into a sale. Here is a photo of one of them:  



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09/18/2017 00:12:46

I love vintage glass and always keep an eye open for any unique pieces at estate and garage sales. It is the best way to find treasures, that the younger generation thinks are junk. Things are so different now, and a friend reminded me that "our treasures are our kids' junque"! No matter... when I'm gone, I won't care what they do with it; I will continue to enjoy stuff that I collect as long as I have space for it.

One thing that has really changed in my lifetime. When we were married, it was a MUST to decide on a pattern for a dinner set and a tea set, so that friends and guests would know what to give as a gift, to add to the set. Now... there seems to be little interest in sets of dishes, even for our grand daughters. I have a 16 place setting of Aysley bone china that belonged to my mother, a Royal Alberta tea set that was given to me, but rarely used, and my present dinner set that we don't use because we rarely have large dinner parties.

Oh well, we've had a lot of enjoyment with our 'stuff'!

09/17/2017 23:08:18

That is so pretty. Love all the colours. It remind me of the Opal Gemstones...Family treasures like that are so precious.  The problem is if none of the children are interested in keeping them then they need to go to a Museum/place where they can be on view in Glass display cabinets. I have several items that are family treasures. A Dinner Set that belonged to my Mother, another Noritake Dinner Set given me by an elderly Aunt and a Tea Set that belonged to my Grandmother. I know these things will be cared for and loved by my daughter, however my Daughter-in-Law would not care to have them. 

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