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N - Necklace.
Posted On 01/20/2018 20:47:39 by chillipepper

N – Necklace

Why oh why is it that they make the clasps on many necklaces so difficult for a person to open?  I’m not a person who wears a lot of jewellery apart from earrings but when I was in the City during the Xmas break I went into a store in a large shopping complex to purchase a gift for my granddaughter. The store had special discounts during the pre-week to Xmas and there was a huge selection on display. After I bought the initial gift I browsed around for earrings and a necklace for myself as its years since I pampered myself. Two necklaces really caught my attention and both were not overly expensive. One was a nice silver chain and the other a pretty gold chain. These were short necklaces and just what I wanted so I bought them both plus two pairs of earrings. A silver pair and a pretty gold and black set. Once again not overly expensive but as I have sensitive skin I had to select the allergy free ones.  Last night I had to go out and good clothing was essential. That’s fine as I keep a few mix and match outfits for these occasions. The last thing I put on was the gold necklace and earrings.  I found the clasp on the necklace was quite difficult to undo but finally managed it. All’s fine until I came home and went to remove the necklace only to find I could not open the catch!!. Next day here I am at home wearing this necklace!!. (Never wear necklaces at home) I’ve tried several times and failed…Because it is a short necklace I can’t pull it over my head so it has to be undone to take off. I’ll continue trying today and if I can’t remove it I’ll visit with my cousin and get her to undo the catch!!

NEWS…I don’t always watch the News on the TV as my radio is on during the day and that keeps me up to date with most everything that is happening locally, nationally or overseas. Most of what we see on the TV news is depressing and bad and sometimes far out. I dislike the reporters out interviewing families who have had a sad loss or people in trouble and they pursuantly force themselves in front of these people pestering them with the same questions over and over again. That irritates me.  I wonder how these reporters would feel if someone did the same to them. I also don’t buy Newspapers as if I want to know anything I can go online and read it.  What is printed today can be misleading not as it was years ago when whatever was printed had to be factual or people could sue these papers. Back in those days I remember that the Newspaper had to place an apology if they printed something that was incorrect.  When I worked in our local History Room one of my tasks was to index two of the local old Newspapers dating back to the 1850’s through to 1950.  Those Newspapers were a mine of information and factual. What they printed was 99% correct and always very informative describing incidents clearly and truthfully. Now, all these old Newspapers from across Australia have been digitised and available online which makes it so convenient for people wanting to research their ancestors or the places where they lived. I am continually using this method now.

Nectarines…Fruit is in full season now and fresh fruit is readily available growing on trees in the backyard or in the Supermarkets and stores. I enjoy all fruit.  My favourite fruit is the Nectarine, especially the old traditional variety. The flavour is awesome especially when they are firm but not over ripe. That’s how I like all fruit.  I have several citrus and plum trees in my backyard but unfortunately not a nectarine and at my age it’s a bit late to plant one.  My daughter bought several fruit trees these past few years and planted them  included a nectarine.

Noodles and Nuts….Well what can I say about nuts!!   I’m addicted to them. I’ll pass on Sweets/candy and chocolate but not nuts. Really don’t have a favourite.. Love all varieties. And can’t help myself if any are around I’m constantly nibbling away and that is why I won’t have them in the house. Only for special occasions.  Noodles is another food that I like. There are always a few packets in my Pantry and when I feel like something quick easy and light for lunch I’ll take a packet and make it up in a jiffy.  

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01/30/2018 06:56:46

Had a problem with a neklace today. I haven't worn a necklace for ages but decided to put on a long dangly, many stranded one today made from a variety of wooden beads. Not ten minutes later I had to pick up one of my dogs (luckily only a little toy poodle) and he got his foot caught up in the necklace and ...... you can guess the rest. I guess I won't be wearing that necklace again till I've got around to fixing it. I used to wear necklaces most of the time, but that was before I had little dogs to cuddle lol. I also had a problem with the clasp but as it was a long necklace I could do it up first then just put it over my head. 

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