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Am I Irish?
Posted On 03/17/2018 12:42:45 by Altara33606

Irish? Maybe not, sigh. When I was young, I thought I saw--in my great-grandmother's Bible--where some of my relatives had started out in Ireland. Well, by the time I was an adult interested in finding out if this was true, that Bible had disappeared. While I've mainly been able to trace back my father's family to where they came over from England & Scotland, I haven't been able to find much on my maternal grandmother's side of the family. So...I guess it's possible that I wasn't totally wrong. I may never know, since I'm not planning on joining any ancestry sites in the near future. But...I love Irish music...and I always 'share' my favorite Irish music videos on my website. So at least--like many others today--I can be Honorary Irish.


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03/25/2018 20:35:32

Thanks for the lovely song!!   I love Irish songs also!!!  Please dear, tell me how to get the embed code of a song, so as to be able to put it in my friends profile...I also love Hamperdinck and Tom Jones, the old songs!!!!!  Thanks again!!  Have a lovely week!!! Nicol from Cyprus!!

03/19/2018 11:17:47

I'm with you... thanks for sharing the beautiful music Celtic Thunder. Thank goodness for YouTube.

I wasn't much interested in Ancestry (I figured, what's the point... they are all dead!) in my early days. My aunt did her own version of the Family Tree when my Dad's family immigrated to Canada from the U.S. and I learned that my grandfather was born in Germany and moved to the U.S. as a young man. The rest is a long story. 

Isn't if wonderful to be a part of the International patchwork of people and nations. Now, if only we could get along and have some "peace on earth"!

03/17/2018 19:07:48

Love everything about Ireland...The  music..They all have the most beautiful voices. The Dancing... The comedians...Never missed any of Dave Allen's TV shows and continue to watch him on Utube.  My ancestory is Polish and Scottish but I'm sure there's a touch of Ireland there somewhere!!...When I was a child at school at the end of each year we held a Concert before Christmas and end of year 'breakup'  People from all the outlying villages would flock to this concert as it was so professionally done by the Sister's at the School I attended. In these concerts we always had many Irish related performances and I loved wearing the Green frocks with the Green Cape lined with red on our shoulders as we danced the Irish Jig or sang irish songs.  I remember my mother always worked at home singing Irish songs..Not sure why as her Father was from Scotland. 

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