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R - Word - Railway
Posted On 05/15/2018 23:29:10 by chillipepper

R Word


My memory ain’t what it used to be!! And that can be a total ‘pain’ at times!!  How many times have I walked into a room or gone somewhere in the garden or yard  with the sole purpose of doing a task…get there and totally forget what it was I set out to do!! Grrr. So not wasting the time I’ll look around to see if there’s anything I can do  as not to totally waste my time, then return back to point A and remember what it was that I had first set out to do.  My only consolation is that I tell myself (and my faithful furry companions)   is that the exercise is good for me!! .   Is this forgetfulness or are there too many things on my mind or am I distracted far too easily?!!.   When I think about it I don’t think that I am any worse today than what I was 10 years ago !! And that’s a consolation.


Railway and Riesling Trail

NEW-_RAILWAY-_STATIONOn the weekend of July 7th-8th   our rural town will be celebrating the centenary opening of the Railway to town and beyond.  It was officially opened on July 4th 1918 and was in use until 1982 when a disastrous bushfire swept the valley and destroyed many miles of the line, Bridges etc.  And with the modern era most goods for the Valley are now transported by road. The old railway line has been resurrected and turned into the ‘Riesling Trail’  a bicycle and Walking/hiking trail.riesling_trail-1831 This is extremely popular with locals and visitors from all over Australia and international tourists.  It’s a very pretty trail lined with trees and the many vineyards that occupy the Valley. Along the Riesling Trail are side trails that lead to places of interest such as Local Wineries, Historic Churches, abandoned buildings, Lookouts, small villages. At different intervals along the way the trail has information Plaques with pictures, the history of the Railway line, buildings etc.  The Riesling Trail is 35 miles long.  Taylors-_Wines-_ClareI have good memories of walking, jogging or riding my bicycle along the trail and was once     (unknown to me) filmed by a Television crew who were making a series about the trail. It was not until I was watching a segment of the show that I saw myself riding towards the camera and passing by. Thank goodness I did not disgrace myself by falling off the bike or riding into a ditch.




I have always enjoyed reading books. I still have the first books that were given to me as a child.  These were Birthday and Xmas gifts. Titles were ‘Milly Molly Mandy’ series ‘Blacky the Brumby’ and ‘Warrigal the Warrior’ also The Girls Annual ‘Modern’ story book. When my eldest sister first went out to work she gave me my first Science Fiction book.  Each week on shopping day my mother would buy several Women’s magazines. I would read them from cover to cover. I especially enjoyed the ‘English” Women’s Weekly and visualised living in Britain. Just enjoyed reading about other countries. My favourite books are Mystery stories, Books about animals and Science Fiction. After I bought my first computer I became addicted and reading I must confess has taken second place although I always have several books in progress on my bedside cabinet.


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05/17/2018 07:55:06

Good job, my friend. I'm with you 100% on the remembering and rather...NOT remembering. lol. A few years ago I noticed my short term memory was not very good anymore. I can remember things from 25 years ago in detail. Last week...not so much.   I tell my husband that my rememberer is broken. I can also relate to the reading at a young age. When I was a child my mother had a subscription to Reader's Digest and RD condensed books which arrived in fat volumes with shiny covers and smelled so good to me. I devoured both the books and magazines as fast as they came. I read A Wrinkle in Time in 4th grade and a life long love of Science Fiction was born. At the time, reading was an escape and I lost myself in the stories on long Summmer days. Now I know that reading helped me in so many ways I couldn't have imagined at the time. 

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