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Looks like work for me!
Posted On 06/13/2018 07:11:30 by FayKay

Well well well! Looks Like I have work to do! I have forgotten everything you all taught me, looks like I need to start over! I don't mind to much I enjoy doing a lot of it. I would have preferred it to be my choice instead of "photpbucket" 
I can't sit for long at one time, due to the fact that I am waiting for a hip replacement, other than that (constant pain) I am in great shape!! Have a wonderful day to all my HILL friends! :-)


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06/25/2018 14:16:14

I use flixr.com now that Photobucket started charging. Flixr is very user friendly...

06/16/2018 11:19:28

Yet another instance to remind us that technology is amazing (when it works), and then throws a curve and we need to learn something new! I hope you are having fun with the "rebuilding". I went through the same thing several weeks ago (where I was keeping my photos and graphics) and it wasn't with Photobucket. However, my page is now looking good again... at least I think so!!!!!

I'm hoping that your wait for surgery isn't too much longer. Several of my friends have told me that the wait was worth it because the surgery was a success.

Mona... from up north!

06/13/2018 09:57:37

Hi Fay!

I'll help in any way I can.

Hope things go well with your hip replacement.  I had my left hip replaced 2 years ago and I LOVE IT!  NO MORE PAIN!!

06/13/2018 09:38:23

Glad to hear you are doing good but was sad to read you are waiting on a hip replacement.  I have had both needs replaced and am doing much better but the down time was no fun.  If you need any help updating your page let me know.  Oh, my name is Debbie, LOL.  Been here for about 6 months so I do not know everything but I do know some.  Always glad to meet new friends and be of help if I can.

Have a great day,


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