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My Current Pet PeevePS
Posted On 07/04/2018 19:22:51 by Altara3

Do you ever get a 'song' stuck in your brain?  That's called an Earworm. 

I guess I've always had this problem; but what's really annoying is that now, it seems to be 'jingles' from tv commercials.  NOT ones I 'like', mind you. And what's even more annoying is that I don't know more than a piece of it.  Imagine trying to sing a song and you don't know more than a few words! 

Right now, it's Mambo Italiano; and I don't even remember what the commercial was! 

I've seen that commercial twice today: it's for Cici's Italian Restaurant.


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07/15/2018 09:27:43

I never knew that it's called an Earworm. I have the same problem. Jingles are the worst to get stuck in your head!

07/06/2018 22:19:39

I 'remembered' that commercial had Lemon Cake Bars in it; then I saw it twice today--it's for Cici's Italian Restaurant.

07/05/2018 08:45:50

I know what you mean Altara, I hate that too. I think the Mambo Italiano song is for an Italian restaraunt maybe? What I hate is hearing the rock songs of my youth now used to sell cholesterol and arthritis medicine!   Example: the song Low Rider by War. I love that song but it's now used to tout the benefits of Crestor. What?!!!

07/04/2018 19:48:20

Oh gosh I hate that.  My daughter sang a little bit of a song today cutting up with her brother and now that song will NOT get out of my brain.  LOL at not knowing the words.  Don't feel rained on Altara, I  use to think the lyrics to "Bad Moon Rising" said, oh the bathroom's on the right. The real words are Oh, a bad moon's on the rise.   Gheeze Deb.......LOL.

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