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Play Ball
Posted On 07/09/2018 13:11:12 by DebsMusings

It seems like ball season never ends around here.  John Michael is done until the end of August.  School starts in August and they go right into after school workouts and ball practice.  The season starts in February, 2019.  John Michael gets the month of July off. 


Landon is still at it.  I mentioned his team were champs of the season here at the ballpark.  Then it was on to sub-district, winning that they moved on the District.  Champs again they moved on to State.  They arrived in Dothan, Alabama for the State Championship since this past Thursday, July 5th. 


Starting from the left, my daughter in law, Tammy.  Landon on her knee.  My son, Michael behind Landon and John Michael standing on the right.  

First game.  Thursday.  Great game but could not hold the lead.  They lost 8 to 7.  Landon's reaction, "Can we do get some ice cream now?"

Second game.  Friday - won 5 to 3.  Go Hueytown

Third game:  Saturday - won 19 to 6.  Go Hueytown

Fourth game: Sunday - OMG are you kidding me.  Both teams were equally good.  Game went into overtime over and over.  The game took over 3 hours.  The other team had the bases loaded but Hueytown held them.  Hueytown came into bat - bing - there it goes.  Game Over!  Landon Pickens hits grand slam - Hueytown wins 12 to 8!  Whoo Hoo.....

Fifth game:  Being played as I write this.  Down to 2 teams now.  We shall see but Michael said the other team is very good.  Landon's reaction, "Dad did you remember to turn in my upward basketball slip?"    

I wonder sometimes just what color the sky is in Landon's world.  He is all sports and everything else is background noise.  He turns 8 in August, I think he is good for a few more years.


I love this sweet little man.  He is extra special because he was born on my Birthday.  When he is here there is never a dull moment and he keeps me smiling.  Life rolls off his back so easy and that is one thing that I am in awe of.  I  know when he gets home the conversation will be quick and moving right along.  Mimi - so proud of you guys, you did good.  Landon - thanks Mimi, can I get in the pool?"  Just another day on his life journey.  My favorite pic of Landon this year.  For me it says it all.


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07/29/2018 14:38:04

You are one hundred percent correct Nightfall.  They put the pep back in your step, LOL.

07/14/2018 05:59:16

Our grandchildren are the best, right?

07/10/2018 15:51:21

Diffuser I'm sure you gave the guys a run for their money.  It is so cool to look back sometimes and relive all the fun we had as children.  Seems there was not a problem in the world.

Deb, you are so right.  Those boys are my world as I know yours are also.  It is hard to believe now how I worked, ran to cheer practice with Kim, or gymnastics, and ran Michael to ball practice or band practice or piano lessons.  I can't believe all that we did and now I see my children doing the same.  We go as much as we can but sometimes we do have to put on the brakes.  Grandchildren make you feel younger or at least make you have to act younger because they never stop it seems, LOL.

Love it and would give nothing for it.

07/09/2018 16:33:08

That you Janay, you are so sweet.  You are right also, I love these boys more than I can explain.  At first I was like, what???  No granddaughters???  I can now see God knew what he was doing, as is always the case. I love the hugs, kisses, and smiles these boys shower me with.  Only a grandson would tell there Mom, "MIMI's taste better!" LOL.

07/09/2018 16:19:10

Our organized ball does not last like that here though when I was a child, I was going strong all summer with our pick-up games

07/09/2018 16:04:13

Deb, I know you have to be the proudest Grandma ever.  Your Grandchildren are just so sweet and I know they are the joy of your life.  They are so very talented besides.  Landon hitting a GrandSlam.  Wow!  I know he was estatic, I am sure.

I love your play by play you do.  I bet you could pitch hit for anyone of your Grandchildren and probably win for them.  You know as much as they do living the life of a Grandma (Mimi) and listening and seeing your Grandchildren playing their chosen sport.

I know one thing:  You are a great Grandma and your grandchildren are very lucky, you are their Grandma (Mimi).

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