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Posted On 07/12/2018 15:38:52 by Altara33606


I love pancakes! I don't have them often, because not only do they totally 'fill me up' so that I don't feel hungry the rest of the day, but also because of the huge amount of calories!

The above photo is what I would have here at home: plain pancakes.   And that's pretty much what I had (though not as good as this!) this morning when we went to a family breakfast meeting at Cracker Barrel.  My husband's brother & his wife are in town visiting; so they suggested meeting  there, with Aunt Lois, because Cracker Barrel has always been the 'aunts' favorite. Aunt Lois is the only one left now, so we still go there in deference to her.   One good thing about Cracker Barrel: you can sit & drink coffee as long as you want, after you're done eating!  They don't "rush" you to leave--if you don't remain an overly long period of time.  But they only have 3 types of pancakes: plain, blueberry, & 'pecan'. Now, I ordered pecan--but got plain. I just shrugged & didn't make a big deal out of it.  I got 2 (smaller) pancakes & didn't even finish those--they just were not that good.  


However...if I really want good pancakes--we go to Denny's!  My favorites there include the Salted Caramel/Banana cream pancakes & the Dulce de Leche pancakes. The 'breakfast' comes with hash  browns, bacon/sausage, & eggs. However, I always have to give at least the hash browns to my husband--and I still bring home some pancakes! So, I started getting 'just' the pancakes. They have a fairly new item called Double Berry/banana pancakes which I haven't tried yet.




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08/15/2018 12:01:14

As  a PS: I have a friend who doesn't like maple syrup. Well, she does like both these pancakes, because the 'syrup' is not maple! So that works out good for her.

07/13/2018 08:17:26

Ooohh yum!  Pancakes are so good, we have them more often for supper actually. Because blueberries have been in season and plentiful we had blueberry pancakes recently and my son made blueberry waffles too. They can be made with skim milk to save on calories. I'D RATHER USE BUTTERMILK! lol. By the way, I heard the IHOB is only temporary, probably a summer gimmicky thing to promote burgers at that restaurant.  They will still be IHOP after the promotion. Thank goodness.  I'm not a fan of the name change. Cracker Barrel does have some yummy food. Their biscuits and cornbread are so good. I think what we order for breakfast there is called the Grandpa breakfast. 

07/13/2018 07:27:00

Oh Yum!!!   Too delicious.  What a nice way to catch up with Family or friends. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time.  I can't remember the last time I had 'Pancakes'  I could eat them at any time during the day.  Love them with Lemon juice drizzled over them with a sprinkling of sugar and topped with whipped cream.  Such a pity they have all those 'Calories'.  After reading your Post I'm thinking I may make a batch this weekend.

Thanks for sharing.

07/12/2018 19:27:21

PS--- We have an IHOP here...but it's got a bad rep; it was closed down for a while by the Health Dept; when it re-opened,  a friend told us it was still 'bad', so we haven't gone back. (We were there the day before it was closed down & didn't like what we saw) Now, the owner has announced he's closing this fall. We do have another one in a nearby town; but what it offers isn't enough to get us to go there!  

07/12/2018 19:21:39

I love pancakes too... could eat them at any time of day, not just breakfast. Buttermilk pancakes topped with maple syrup and an egg on the side is my #1 choice.

Speaking of pancakes... the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede is on right now and free breakfasts are served all over the city, most of them on street corners. I recently read that in the 10 days of the Stampede, more than 200,000 free pancakes are served, along with syrup and butter. Many of the breakfasts can also include bacon and eggs, if ordered. It was always a must for us when our whole family enjoyed the event. Now, we're not fussy about getting caught in a traffic jam or needing to walk miles, hubby and I have a front row seat to our TV, and I can whip up pancakes in a jiffy when requested. BTW... we are very familiar with Cracker Barrel when traveled the Midwest, and we keep waiting for IHOP to open one in our city because it is our favorite restaurant when we travel to visit our daughter and family.

Come visit my page.... the Stampede is the theme right now.

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