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Christmas cards
Posted On 12/29/2018 09:57:48 by Altara33606

I just responded to a Poll about Christmas cards.  I had noticed that in recent years, we received fewer cards each year; and we had sent out fewer cards as well. 

 Last year, we sent out 19--received 16. Most of those were relatives of the older generation. And a few of my pen pals and friends who had moved away.

This year, due to my illness--which pretty much zapped my 'holiday spirit'--I decided not to send out cards. I posted on Facebook so that friends would know why I didn't send cards. 

This year, we received 13 regular--plus 3 of the 'photo cards' (where relatives use one or more photos of their family to show us 'where' they vacationed this past year).  Actually, one photo card just showed my one cousin's 6 grandchildren.  And another one showed Terry's niece's family, which included a new son-in-law this year. 

A couple of cards included a short note telling about 'their year'; but most were just 'signed'. That's another reason I think 'cards' are being phased out. Last year, I sent a number of Jacquie Lawson eCards. That works when you don't really know your online friends' actual addresses.

However, every year I receive one card that always goes into my 'keeper' file--from my one pen pal who 'makes' her own cards. I can't imagine the time she puts into this!  When I 'make' cards, it's mainly finding a pretty graphic to go on card stock; then I had Merry Christmas & print it out.  But when my friend 'makes' hers, it includes 'cut outs', pasted onto a pretty design and even some 'stickers'. She also does this for birthdays.  I have a feeling she will never stop sending her 'special' cards.


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01/03/2019 09:31:43

I sent out approximately 38 cards..received 18. Most of mine were sent out of state. Stamps are going up, I have heard, a nickel. So the cost is a factor here. Still, I so enjoy writing personal notes in each card versus just signing a name. With the internet, it seems many have become distant. I understand with online apps, tutorials, etc..these are being utilized. But I am old school, so will continue to send out actual cards; along with some internet related messages. It’s just part of sharing during the Christmas holiday. I, too, make phone calls as well. As I grow older, it reminds me of communication being so important. Never take anything for granted.

01/01/2019 16:24:58

I enjoyed this blog, and I guess part of several "crowds" who are traditional, "up with the times" or just make "Merry Christmas" phone calls.

Personally, I have several reasons for making changes to our "traditions". The cost of Greeting cards is getting to be outrageous so I bought the software from Hallmark and make personalized cards for anyone who doesn't have internet service, or I have a gift to attach to the card. Phone calls are so cheap now, and a personal phone call keeps me in "real time" with friends that I don't often see. There is also WhatsApp for the computer so that I can have a voice/video conversation with relatives on the other side of the globe.

I do admit that I'm not much for "canned graphics" ... to me they are so impersonal and I would rather receive words from the sender, even if it is just a "How are you? I am fine!"

We received many (the last count is 47) letters sent to us via email and on that 'other social network'! I print each one out, including photos, and put them in my Memory Box after New Year, and often reread some to remind me of their personal news.

I'm done now... I've said what I've said. 

Hope you are feeling better, Di. 

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