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The Microwave Oven That Wouldn’t Die.
Posted On 02/09/2019 18:21:06 by azjudy

The Microwave Oven That Wouldn’t Die.

In May 1985, I was hired by a public school system in southern New Mexico to teach hearing-impaired children. 

Mom said that she was tired of worrying about me not eating right whenever I was teaching in other states. “A microwave was the solution.” She declared with that Mom look that says, 

“Don’t argue with me.”

After listening to her point out the benefits and virtues of a microwave, we got in the car and headed to Sears.  I didn’t want a small one for several reasons. We came home with that box and about $475.00 poorer. If I remember right, it looked like a big brown square box (1.75 cubic feet) with a touchpad panel. The inside didn’t even have a revolving wheel. I had to wonder if I had really bought something. I couldn’t help wondering if somehow the salesman somehow sold me a lemon instead of a microwave.

Well, I made good use of that microwave by eating more baked potatoes.  I just knew that my Mama would be proud of me since I gained weight instead of losing like I usually did when I was away from home.

About a year later I married so Hubby an I had two microwaves and nearly enough televisions for every room except the bathroom.  Hubby, being the very generous man decided to give the extra microwave to his ex-wife when she asked for it. Ten years later and now living in Arizona, I told hubby that I wanted another microwave. I gave him somewhat I thought were logical reasons for needing two microwaves.  “problem” said Dear Hubby so off we go to buy a more modern microwave.  We still had that had that big, ugly box one that functioned as a microwave and a newer model with a turntable wheel. 

Fast forward fourteen years and it was January 2000. Hubby was remodeling my kitchen for me. He knew I always admired those little cubbyholes for microwaves over countertops so said,

“Since I am remodeling the kitchen, I’ll add a shelf for a microwave but we will need to buy a newer one.”

So, we did and now have two microwaves again.   No, nothing is wrong with my math Dear Reader. The one we bought before the remodeling project went on the blink by groaning and moaning so we put it outside for the bulk trash pick-up.


Time went on its merry way and meanwhile, that old microwave was still working perfectly. The touchpad didn’t have any problems and it was still going strong. One day I was dusting the top of the grandfather of all microwaves and said to Hubby, “This thing won’t die.” We decided that it had worked faithfully for us for 25 years so we were going to give it a chance for someone else to enjoy.  We said goodbye and dropped it off at a shelter. They were delighted to get it.


Many microwaves later we still marvel and wonder if the thing still worked, especially whenever we need to buy a new one. The average lifespan of the new microwaves seems to be no longer than two and a half years.  Just last week Paul mentioned that he thought the current microwave was about to go to junk heaven.  That night it must have emitted its last beep because the next morning it wouldn’t work when hubby tried reheating coffee so off we go to buy one microwave that worked. Oh, give me that old microwave, it’s dependable enough for me. 


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02/11/2019 23:40:49

They certainly do not make things to last now.  I guess it creates turn-over and continued employment.

I remember my first microwave. It was the Convection type where depending on what I dialled into It could be used either as a microwave or a conventional oven.  That lasted almost 35 years.  The one I have now is a Crisp Grill Microwave. Not as expensive as the Convection type but almost as versatile. I do most of my cooking in that microwave and would be lost without it.

02/11/2019 19:37:46

Altara, and Callisto,  too true about everything.  today's cars are like aluminum foil and are totaled the first time in an accident

02/11/2019 02:26:06

That's true - companies don't make things to last anymore, because if they did they realize they wouldn't make any money..

02/10/2019 10:22:59

I don't think they make things to 'last' now. But our first microwave was like yours: it lasted 24 yrs before we had to pitch it.  I'll never forget my husband telling me that if we used it 'often', we'd wear it out! He only wanted to use it for popcorn.    Obviously, I did use it for many other things--and it didn't wear out!  I would be happy if this one lasts 'only' ten years, but I somehow doubt it will. This is only our second one, so we'll see how that goes.

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