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Featured Members
Posted On 03/09/2019 12:01:17 by Altara33606

In case you are a new member, or just don't know what this is: Featured Members are chosen by Staff, in order to 'showcase' different members. 

Any member can be 'featured'. The only 'condition' is that your page must be 'open' to all (in other words, so that 'everyone' can see your page and leave comments).  If your page is set for Friends Only to view or leave comments, then you would have to change your settings, if you want to be Featured.

To make it easier for members to 'volunteer', I set up a Group where you can post when you want to be featured: "Would you like to be Featured?"


All you have to do is 'join' that group & then post that you want your page to be Featured.  Or, you can send me a private message.   When I have time, I 'visit' a number of pages, looking for people to 'ask' if they would like to be Featured.  I often look for pages that are 'designed': for a season, or a holiday, or even just a 'pretty page'.  

However, you don't need to have a fancy page design in order to be Featured; you just have to 'ask'! 

To see Featured members, just click on BROWSE at the top of any page--then choose/click on FEATURED MEMBERS.  

Someone once complained that it was 'the same people' who get Featured. That's simply because they either volunteer or agree to be Featured!  If you don't agree/volunteer/want to be featured, then you can't complain about who is chosen!    I often visit up to 50 pages in a day, leaving messages, 'asking' that question--and I might get 2 responses! (maybe both 'no, thanks')

So...if you are interested--either post in that group or send me a message!  If you don't see any Featured Members, that's because I can't  find anyone to 'feature'.

Altara (Staff member)


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04/01/2019 22:38:40

I was featured twice a long time ago but I never was asked at that time so wouldn't be surprised if things have changed.  I am glad I read your blog, it gave me a better idea what a "featured member was.   


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