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And THen---
Posted On 03/31/2019 10:47:38 by Jane

I have enjoyed being part of Not Over the Hill, for many years. I have enjoyed receiving messages  on my site, sent by others from the group, and I have enjoyed reading the blogs also, for all the group, that have been posted. It has added happiness and stimulus to my life.  It is sad, when one hears from a person, regularly, for months or years and then- suddenly - the messages stop. I wonder? "Has something happened to my 'friend', has their computer gone on the fritz? Has the person gone to the next "better " life? "

I have no way of knowing, but I send a few responses - just in case -- a vacation or company have cut into the other's computer time. Sometimes there has been an injury or health issue. Other times there have been company or trips - but the ones with the ominous "silence" - to them I send a God Bless  and Keep You as well as a hope that they have the better life now. By knowing them via NOTH, I have had a more interesting life. By communicating back and forth, my house walls have become larger and full of interesting things.  Thankyou to the NOTH group, for their gift of friendship and life to all of us, who participate.  

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06/04/2019 09:57:14

Yes I too have had the same experience. I feel that     in one instance I was dropped as a friend because I was not on the Hill for a good while due to the illness of my husband.  It is sad to loose a friend due to any reason. I  wish for all, the time, health and inclination, to as often as possible, to continue with our online friendships. Anne

05/26/2019 06:03:19

I had belonged to NOTH MANY years ago - then, with illnesses could no longer keep up with any computer work - but I have fond memories of the NOTH blogs and now have  the time to enter NOTH again hopefully.  It was always the safest and most interesting  of all the communication  groups and I hope I will be able to continue to get to know people in this new visitation   I don't know how to find my old page with pictures and will try to reach the managers.   In the meantime, hello to everyone and I look forward to meeting you all!  Gerri   aka old  GerriB

05/19/2019 11:22:51

It is indeed sad. The longer you belong to these social networks that cater to us older folks, the more possibility that this sudden absence syndrome will happen on your friends list.

I just keep them on my friends list and even go to their pages and leave "I miss you(s)" and birthday, Christmas, New Years and other holiday greetings, even though I know (over on MyBoomerPlace we are usually told by admin when our fellow members pass on) they will never get to read or reply to them.

The sad thing is that even though I have left instructions for my kids to inform these social networks of my passing, I worry that they are so busy raising their own families and have so many other priorities, that they will not follow through--- leaving my online family wondering what ever happened to me. They belong to Facebook, but not Boomers or NOTH, so maybe only my Facebook freinds will be informed as a footnote daily post ("oh BTW, dad is dead" type thing.)

04/17/2019 10:14:31

With :Easter coming, I hope you have a wonderful day, good memories of past Easters and that this one will be one more for you to enjoy. We are so fortunate.  God Bless, j

I agree it is sad when one is left wondering.  I always wonder if I offended somehow,, especially when I see their names around.  Judy


04/08/2019 16:00:01

I haven't seen the names again, as a posting or anything- which makes me sad. I too, wonder if I could offend, but defnitely try not to show an opinion about their posts, unless asked. Let's face it, I am at the age when folks do die - but I am thankful for the time I had in typed correspondence with them. jane

I agree it is sad when one is left wondering.  I always wonder if I offended somehow,, especially when I see their names around.  Judy


04/08/2019 15:35:16

I agree it is sad when one is left wondering.  I always wonder if I offended somehow,, especially when I see their names around.  Judy

04/04/2019 08:49:25

I enjoy NOTH tremendously..and agree as well, curiousity sets in when I see some just disappear...with no warning. Have made many wonderful friends here, some who are in my state. One lives just a few miles away. Thanks for posting and I look forward in being here a long time -:)

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