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Posted On 05/01/2019 13:40:41 by Altara33606

I enjoy answering Polls, any time I can. However, sometimes, there's just not a 'right' answer--and I don't mean leaving out the "n/a" option. Since there's only room for 4 choices...you have to decide which is best.

In the latest Poll, I (so far, only me!) answered EAST.  Actually, Illinois is considered "Midwest". I never understood why.  I said East because we are in the Eastern half of the US; we're also in the Northern half of the US. But I decided  that East is the best fit. 

On another Poll, out of the 4 choices, I actually prefer 2 of them. I normally would have said Tea was my favorite,but in recent months, I am 'off' tea. I must have 10 different 'flavors' here but just don't want any of them.  I sometimes have a soda (Pepsi)--although in recent months, I ony drink a few ounces at a time; or at most, I drink 'half' a can of Pepsi.  So, since I have two accounts--I answered soda on one & tea on the other. 

 On the 'Pie' Poll, I had no trouble choosing Apple, of the 4 mentioned. My husband's favorite is Apple, so we have it more often than the other choices. However, my actual favorite is 'Razzleberry'--raspberry/blackberry. It's not 'common', so I wouldn't expect anyone to include it. (I baked one a few days ago.)


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05/06/2019 00:56:00

I'm careful as to how I word things in my polls... If you noticed, I did not ask which is your favorite pie.. I said, if you had a choice, which pie would you prefer... I figured if there's 4 pies to choose from, surely one should be able to choose one that's to their liking.. Not saying that it has to be their favorite - just which one would they prefer..

I did have two favorite beverages too.. I drink iced tea, soda pop or flavored water, which I've been drinking a lot of lately, but that one wasn't listed, so I pick the one that strikes my fancy (at the time).. I chose tea..

I live in the north east part of the country (PA), so either one would have applied to me, so I chose north..

I only do the polls to help out... It's only a game, so I don't get too excited over answers... I just pick the answer that's closest to my liking and move on.. It doesn't have to be precise (in my opinion)




05/05/2019 07:35:27

Just 4 choices make it tough. However you gotta be more specific sometimes when writing a poll to get some results.

05/01/2019 22:24:58

I couldn't answer the beverage poll due to equally liking two options... I am unashamedly addicted to coffee and when I feel the need of a cooler, I reach for the milk jug and chill out on nature's white nectar. Lots of it!

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