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Good Neighbors
Posted On 07/30/2019 15:00:36 by Eileen

I have thought about writing a blog for a long time but just never seem to have the time to get around to it. But last evening something happened which I would like to share. We live in a small cul-de-sac in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. I joke that it is international as in this small street live people of quite a few nationalities.

On one side our neighbors are from the good old U.S.A. On the other side is a family from the Philippines. I am from England. There are 2 more American families then a Korean and a family from Dubai. A lady from the local area and young man from Taiwan and a family from Yemen. The Iternational district you might say.

The young man across the street from us is single and his name is Chen. This is his first home in the US he really does n't know much about being a homeowner. Yesterday he did n't get any mail as his mailbox was so old it had fallen off. When he came home from work he was stuck as he had no idea how to fix it. First my husband went over to see what the problem was and how it could be fixed and while talking Chen's neighbor from Yemen, who is a very handy fellow came over to look at things. He had put in a new mailbox a couple of months ago himself. He not only knew what to do but insisted that he help Chen get it up and in good repair himself and he immediately went to his house got the items then he showed Chen how to do it. So often we hear about all the bad stuff that foreigners do but seldom the nice helpful good things. I have known Nassar and his family for a couple of years. They are lovely people and so are the rest of the people of other faiths and from other countries. Nice to have such people around. 

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08/01/2019 19:46:21

It really doesn't matter what country, nor culture, nor religion we come from; people are just people... we are all... people. And I love learning what others can teach us. Wow... what a great neighborhood. Enjoy!

07/31/2019 20:14:46

Such a nice, positive story Eileen... Too many times where people come from or their beliefs are what is judged. And not the individual's deeds and how they act toward others in their everyday life, which is where opinions should be formed... We should all love our neighbours, no matter where they began life... I'm so glad that you, like me have found a nice corner of the world to live, where the neighbours all get along in harmony. 

07/30/2019 22:22:01

I'm so glad that you wrote this blog. Focusing on the great things in our every day life is so much more important than complaining and judgemental. Everyone has a story... and we need to listen and learn.
I hope you will write more blogs... share some of your thoughts and experiences.

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