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Long Time Ago
Posted On 08/15/2019 16:01:04 by Eileen

I thought you might like to read about  my experience of VE Day. It's many years ago now and I was a 6 year old child but it left a big impression on my young mind. 

As I had no memories of before the war WWII it was difficult to take it all in. I did not know what peace was. Everyone was so happy and hugged each other and smiled and laughed.

I lived just outside a small town in Southern Lincolnshire, England. There were airfields all around us so we constantly heard the airplanes. My mother and her youngest sister decided to go into town for the celebrations. My baby brother was 3 months old and so we put him in his pram and walked one and a half miles into town. 

They were having a special tea for all the school children in the Market Street. There were wood tables and benches lined up both sides of the street with white tableclothes on. All the children gathered in the middle. I think there were a number of people making speeches and lot of Hip! Hip! Hoorays. 

Our photo was taken and I came across one copy recently that I have shared at the top. I am the third little girl from the left on the front row, with a big bow in her hair.

I am sorry but I have no idea what they gave us to eat. It was hard to get food and rationing was in full force so it was an outstanding job that the town did. 

My aunt commented on my mothers front garden. It was a picture of red peonies, whte lilac a nd blue iris. A Victory garden indeed.

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08/17/2019 19:15:30


Thanks for sharing your memories, Eileen.  Actually, I just re-watched the WALTONS (tv show set in that time period) episodes of that time, so it was interesting to hear about VE day from an English point of view.


I realize of course it was different here in the US as Japan  was still a huge threat. The British will still fighting in Asia but people were so happy it was finished in Europe.

08/17/2019 19:04:47

rsise wrote:

I enjoyed reading your post.

Thank you. It seems a long time ago now but I have a good memory.

08/17/2019 19:03:19

nightfall wrote:

I'm glad you have great memories of VE Day. WWII was a dark time in our history. Thank you for sharing.

I  was n't sure anyone would be interested but just felt a need to remind us how things have changed.

08/17/2019 07:06:25

I'm glad you have great memories of VE Day. WWII was a dark time in our history. Thank you for sharing.

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