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Always Remember
Posted On 09/12/2019 01:45:25 by CarolCat

The morning that the 2 jets hit the twin

towers, I had the TV on, and went into the kitchen to pour some coffee for myself, I was wondering what was going on, on TV? I took my cup of coffee

went into the livingroom, sat on the couch, and watched tv, I couldn't believe that a big jet, and just hit one of the Twin Towers in New York, then a little bit later, another jet hit the 2nd twin tower,

I thought that that thee people could get out of the towers, the  firemen were running up to get out all of the people. the people on the ground had camers on the top of the towers, and they came crashing down. I was trying to figure out how could they do that? they're built better then that.

People were running away from the rubble and smoke.

 On the news tonight, they said the infformation you have forgotten from 9/11. How on earth could we forget what happened on that tragic day?

I pray for the families of the people that were lost that day, and the people that have gotten sick from the poluted air after that.


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09/18/2019 23:41:49

Well. being a night owl, I normally get up at nine a.m but my husband was getting ready for work and woke me.  "The twin towers were attacked by planes." He said.

'That's awful."  Then I turned over and went back to sleep. WhenI woke a few hours later, I immediately turned on the tv.  I cried all week.

09/12/2019 08:25:01

I was working 2nd shift and just got up and turned on the tv with my coffee. I saw the tower burning and there wasn't any sound. I thought I must have turned the volume down the night before. Then Dan Rather spoke. I was horrified at what happened. Not long after the first tower came down. When I left and drove to work there was that eerie silence in the skies because all airplanes had been grounded. The other thing I remember is how beautiful of a Summer day it was that quickly turned to horror. We can never forget that day.

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