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It's Tea Time!
Posted On 10/05/2019 10:30:39 by Altara3


So hard to believe, only a few days ago, it was 90+ here!  Yesterday barely hit 70, so I opened a couple of windows. But--oops! Forgot to close one, so it  got rather chilly in here by this morning.   However...I was finally in the mood for hot tea today!  Thanks to my daughter, who ordered 2 of these 'tubs' of my fav Teavana flavor online (after Starbucks closed all the Teavanna stores!), I have plenty of it for a while.   I even had a 2nd cup this morning! 

Actually...you wouldn't believe how much 'tea' I have here--maybe 8 or 9 different 'flavors'.  And I hadn't really wanted any tea--hot or cold--till recently; a couple of weeks ago I picked up 2 kinds of instant Crystal Lite iced tea: Raspberry & Peach. Then today, with the cooler temps, I decided it was time for hot tea.

Before our local Teavanna store closed, I had stocked up on loose tea. And I bought one of their small 'tea makers'.  For a while, I had hot tea daily--made with loose tea, which included this flavor as well as several others. But it had been quite a while since I really wanted any tea at all.   It sure hit the spot this morning!   Hmm...I think I might even have some Pumpkin Spice tea in the pantry; that sounds good, too!


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10/06/2019 14:56:34

They don't have this tea in shops here. I have never heard of it. The only tea I drink is  decafinated  as others  taste too strong.  Coffee bags have just arrived only have not tried them yet. You have many choices of tea which is good..

10/06/2019 11:28:49

It was 90 on Thursday and by morning it was in the 50's lol. Sounds like we're getting the same weather. Maybe Fall is here at last!

10/05/2019 11:35:40

I often think 'tea' time is more a time in the mind/soul than in the time of year or weather.

Sounds like you were ready for it in both ways! 

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