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It's All About The Colors!
Posted On 10/31/2019 12:48:20 by yourchoice

I should stop trying to explain why I’ve been off The Hill for a spell! Who cares, anyway! I spent last evening just browsing around The Hill and dropping a few ‘Hi… how are you?” messages. Blogs have always been my favorite spot to browse and I did have some catching up to do. I read several blogs by Allen… I hadn’t met him before. His subjects are diverse and I concluded that he (as I do) likes to use words and photos in his communications. I will drop by when I can to catch up on any new ones, from Allen and from anyone else who takes the time to contribute their story. I’ve had too much to say in the past… even though I did thoroughly enjoyed the A-Z Challenge several times. But be warned, I have not disappeared for good… at least not yet!!!!

If you take the time to drop by my page, you may discover that my page does not contain a single ghost, witch or goblin... but lots of pumpkins! That’s not because of neglect on my part, but I just don’t DO Halloween! I’m much more into Autumn and Thanksgiving than spooky stuff! If I could pick where I like to live in the Autumn months of the year, it would be in the Maritimes. The colors are spectacular! We have a few colors, but mostly yellow and brown! No reds!

When we first moved to the rural area, there were lots of kids and our community had our own Halloween Party… children and parents together. Often a request for a song from the children or a recitation of something that they learned in school or Sunday School was fulfilled before a brown paper bag that contained things like peanuts in the shell, ribbon candy, homemade popcorn balls, and at least one mandarine orange was given to each child. Those kids are now adults with their own families and our community has changed. For the last several years, I would purchased treats that I could pass out to any children who came down our driveway, making sure that my purchase was also my hubby and my favorite treat, on the chance that we would have leftovers. No visitors… so we had a good supply! This year may be different. Developement restrictions have changed and we have a number of new families in our area. We have met them at the summer community Bar-B-Que, so I’m prepared. 

By the way, our neighbors are stuck with us until we need to use the Handi-Bus! Our valley in the Foothills is still our favorite place to be. And… drop by my spot on The Hill, and say hello! I respond when I can via private message.

Mona (aka yourchoice)

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11/05/2019 10:04:37

So happy to read all things Mona  You have always been so interesting and I love reading about your community.  I know you guys enjoy your snuggle bunny part of the area.  I get here when I can just like you so hang in there, we will be here when we get here, LOL.  Enjoy you week my friend and keep on blogging.

11/05/2019 07:29:08

Hello Mona, enjoyed your blog. I also used to write them but they all disappeared , so I gave up.
Hope you have a nice day!

Your page also looks great.

11/01/2019 10:19:40

Hello! I'm new, but enjoyed reading your blog. I had such great memories as a kid going Trick or Treating, and it's a bit sad that kids no longer do that as much. I had two kids last night and I hesitate to call them kids as they were over six feet tall and I know at least one of them is in High School. I don't mind, we are kids at heart anyways aren't we?

10/31/2019 21:28:19

LilyMae wrote:

I enjoyed reading this.. our Halloween night has also been changed, years ago we had many many children come trick or treating, then, depending on which state we were living in, we may not have any..but last year I handed out a lot of candy, and ran out, and this year, I'm prepared for more kids with a lot more candy, and its going to be a warm night, so I may quit BEFORE I hand out all the candy, that would be a switch! LOL!

Allen is a new guy, he just came to NOTH last week..

I hope you had a good turnout of happy children at your door this evening. We are still waiting... and I think they have all gone home and to bed. Oh well, we'll enjoy the treats we have.

10/31/2019 20:17:59

Allen wrote:

Drop by for a visit, Allen. I Canadian, and I talk a lot! 

10/31/2019 20:15:04

momtocam wrote:

Enjoyed the update Mona. Thunderstorms here this evening, spawned from humid temps ...82 today. We drop down to 38 tonight. Our weather pattern continues. Autumn is my favorite season.. I have enjoyed Allen's blogs as well. Take care and have a wonderful rest of the week/end.

Thanks very much... if I get to doing too much "talking", let me know and I'll try to be quiet!!!!!

10/31/2019 16:40:34

Enjoyed the update Mona. Thunderstorms here this evening, spawned from humid temps ...82 today. We drop down to 38 tonight. Our weather pattern continues. Autumn is my favorite season.. I have enjoyed Allen's blogs as well. Take care and have a wonderful rest of the week/end.

10/31/2019 16:24:48

I care Mona!  I don't know you but when you mention my name and have read my blogs...I have to show an appreciation towards you!  I appreciate you is what I mean!  I think we could become good friends!  Do you think we should give it a shot?  I want to anyway!  Thanks for the great blog that I just read!

10/31/2019 15:38:49

Great I found your  blog. By the way I care and have been missing you and  wondering how you are doing and if life is treating you kindly.  I am enjoying reading your blog.  Smiles Gloria

10/31/2019 13:42:37

It's nice to see you back, Mona. You've been missed.  Have a great day. Hugs, Di

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