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It's About Time To Stand For Something! Let's Do This!
Posted On 11/01/2019 22:26:17 by Allen

  So I'm trying to set the mood to write a pretty good blog...not great...but maybe good?   I've got the music cranked and just got done watching a really good wrestling show, so I'm hyped!  I'm wondering to myself what it should be about?  Maybe I'll cater to you all and guess what you want to read?  But that could be about anything then because everyone is different and has a different view on life!  Once you realize this then you know you can write about anything because some people will accept what you write and some won't!  It's just that way!  Just go with the flow and write your little heart out!...lol 

  Tonight's subject that I've decided to write about is this wonderful site!  The people here seem to be really laid back and will accept you for what you are!  I truly think that this site is gonna eclipse that other dimension across the pond!  Things are about to pick up here and take you to a whole 'nother spector!  Business is about to pick up is what I really mean! People need to realize that it takes teamwork to acomplish such a task but I do truly believe that we have the gumption to comprehend it! 

  Let me put it to you in simple terms!  It's like my dog when it has the gall to bark at the bigger dog because that is all she knows!  Or the cat that wants to scratch her eyes out when she nips at him!

  Poor Misha!  She'll never learn!  The kitten has claws! It's all about her nature!  But is it the nature here to accept people who for what they are?  I hope so!  Don't get so down on yourself!  I think highly of you all!  So don't be bullied! 

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11/07/2019 17:55:06

And thanks for the great comment Deb!  It's comments like this is why I write...to hear your opinions and maybe make some sense on what I just wrote?...lol  And believe me...I love to hear from everybody!  If only they would!

11/05/2019 10:21:05

Oh it is so great to see Misha again.  It's great to see her and Harvey having a good ole time.  We would all be wise to take the lesson they teach us.  Very different, you know/cat dog, have their own agenda's in life but they can come togeather and have fun, look out for each other, and even get a little ticked and maybe a claw might swipe the other but tomorrow, they will be right back there to do it again. 

I try to be thankful for a new day and enjoy the wonderful people I find in front of me from day to day and not worry about what makes us different but celebrate what brings us together.  Thanks for the pictures, you brought a smile to my face this morning.  

11/02/2019 11:39:40

Hello there Altara!  I have had pets all of my life and I know there will be a time I will have to stop adopting anymore cats, dogs...and when the horses finally pass...I'll be done!  Heck...my two horses might outlive me yet...they still got a good twenty years left in them?...lol  They are family...our pets!  I'm sorry you don't have that in your life anymore Altara...but I'll tell you what...I'll share mine with you whenever I can on here!  Thanks for the great comment!

11/02/2019 11:26:23

When our son (& his big dog--a golden lab) moved back in with us for a few years, we had 3 cats. The cats were so laid back, they simply paid no attention to Duke!  And Duke acted like he didn't even see them, lol.  That worked out  great. Now, it's back to just the two of us--and no pets, due to our health & finances.  When the last of the cats passed, we decided it was best, at our age, to not have any more pets.  I miss having them, but...this is for the best.

11/02/2019 06:42:31

Good morning LilyMae!  No, the black cat is mine...his name is Harvey!  Him and Tinkerbell live in the barn and my garage but Misha loves to wrestle Harvey!  Harvey loves to play also so actually they get along pretty good!  Tinkerbell won't stand for it though and Misha knows this and leaves her alone!  I rescued them from the Humane Society to take care of the mice problem we have in the barn.  They do a really good job as Harvey will leave a mouse body on the welcome mat to my house every once in awhile with no head!...lol

11/02/2019 06:36:10

Yup...that's for sure Greg!  They are the same size so it is an equal wrestling match I suppose?...lol

11/02/2019 06:19:07

Misha just trying to have fun lol.

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