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When I Die...I May Not Go To Heaven? Sure I Will! I'll See You There!
Posted On 11/02/2019 21:23:21 by Allen

  I don't know, but everytime I come on this site, it always brings me to this blog section!  Maybe I've got a lot to say?  I don't know but my passion to write has always been there!  So beware if I say too much? 

  Tonights topic is what happens when you die and possibly go to Heaven?  I know...that's a little deep but at our ages...you should have had that thought in the back of your head at one time or another?  

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  So with this graphic I'm thinking now wouldn't that be awesome!  All the pets that you have outlived came back to thank you for being in their life spans!  That's unconditional love twenty-four seven from them to you!  And now they are back to cap it all off! 

  So now you are thinking what if I didn't have any pets in my life on Earth?  Well, I guess there is always the human element...your family, spouse and relatives!  Hopefully there were no regrets?  I mean you can't  pick your family but you can pick your nose!...lol  I've had a good life...don't get me wrong but I've always had a pet my entire life and they have never let me down!  So may I present to you my latest sweetie...Misha!


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11/08/2019 21:19:18

Yup GerriB...she's my Sweetie!  *3 years young and I bet that is a lot of pets you've had in your lifetime!  I'm not so much into snakes either or any kind of reptiles actually!  They are the cold ones and I love the cute furry warm ones...like you do!  Thanks for another great comment...it sounds like you're my kind of person! 

11/08/2019 18:23:50

Ahhh, that's a sweetie alright!   I'll be 83 this New Year's Eve and hope I get to see all the way back to my first pet and allllllll the pets since..lots of years and lots of pets, and my hubby has always had birds and early on, snakes (yikes) I have scary memories of being young and "tricked" by my male cousin into seeing a snake eating a live (something - my memories blocked it out!!) and here in FL, have seen a neighborhood black snake crawling along front doorways (almost stepped on him - then got used to the site when I walked around - safely) and recently saw a baby python that reallllllly scares me when I saw on tv a few flashes on a woman in Indiana strangled by a 6 footer and were informed that a 16 footer further south of us "could eat a human" so I must say, as much as I love all animals I do have a few which can still temper my "joy" so I stick to what is good for me...LOL   

11/07/2019 18:00:20

Thanks again Deb for all your great comments...it sure does make my day!  Being real never meant so much...and there are a lot of real people on this site...which I'm grateful for!

11/07/2019 17:57:16

They sure do Viccles...sometimes they mean even more than certain family members? Thanks for the compliment on my little doggie and your great comment!

11/05/2019 10:57:37

You could not hide your love for Misha if you tried!  I'm so glad you found each other.  My perfect entrance has always been my grandmother, my mom, my sister and yes, all of my wonderful fur babies right there waiting on me to greet me home.  If it is even close you can count me in as one happy camper.  Love the pic Allen.

11/05/2019 10:31:40

Aw Misha, you are adorable! Pets certainly add so much to our lives and become a member of our families.

11/03/2019 07:17:20

That's so true Greg...they will always be there for you...even sometimes too much!...lol  When I get home from work everyday...she jumps up like a kangaroo and grabs my jacket with her teeth until I pick her up!  Have a great day Greg!

11/03/2019 07:14:00

Good morning LilyMae!  Thanks for checking on my blogs and even letting me know you did with a great comment!  It makes me feel it was worth doing!  Besides...this is a great way to talk to people and get to know them even better!  Have a grand Sunday!

11/03/2019 06:45:53

Great pic of you and Misha. Pets become family. All you have to do is love them and they love you back more.

11/02/2019 23:03:15

Well Dianne...it's not what you believe but what will really happen!  They say cats have nine lives so I'm going with that!  They also say that cats rule, while dogs druel.  The so called "deep stuff" is all the good stuff that can really happen...if you let it!  

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