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A Dear John Letter...If You Will? Ally Oop Oop!...lol
Posted On 11/07/2019 21:52:57 by Allen

  Just a friendly reminder...I don't intimidate friends that want to hold out their arms and be friends with me!  I'm not easily intimidated either...by those that wonder over here on this wonderful site...coming from where I used to hang my hat to check me out and befriend me and then delete me!  Is that really the life you want to lead?  Fine...If that's how you get your rocks off...I consider that very childish and putrid, if you would ever have the courtesy to ask me face to face?

    Maybe I got a little off track with this blog but things stick with me that got stuck to me...if you know what I mean?...lol  It's always good to write things off! 

  Now I know there is an open window from the other side where you can read the blogs that are posted here without being a member!  Also they can see your page if it isn't set to private!  Did you know that?  They do!  I hope they enjoy what I'm writing?  Why don't you come on over here and make me a personal comment?  Is that a challenge?  You betcha!

    Meanwhile in NOTHland, as I'll call it...this is what I had intentally wanted to write and still will!  

Image may contain: Bruce Strunk, smiling, standing, sitting and indoor

  Yeah, me and the dog are jamming to some good tunes and creating all kinds of mischief!  Can you feel the vibes?  Because I tell it like it is!  Just like this next photo about your best friend!

  Image may contain: dog and text

  I hope you all get this blog and take it for what it is because I've said my piece and peace will now flow on within me as I've spoken enough about this subject and I'm very satisfied! 

  For you see...I'm a man without a plan!  Just living day to day to see what the world will bring...mostly happy thoughts I'm hoping!  Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow! 


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11/14/2019 19:57:00

Thanks so much Viccles as I try to keep a positive attitude about it all!  I was on #$%^&*...whoops...my Mama taught me to never say a bad word or my mouth would get that ole bar of soap!...lol  You rock as well!

11/12/2019 17:15:43

Not sure what place you use to be on Allen, but it's the same on several of them. Negative people just seem to be everywhere any more! Just continue to be you because you can't please everyone and it's exhausting and useless to even try. Keep on rocking!

11/10/2019 22:00:48

One more thing Deb...I just can't help but feel sorry for all the people that are brainwashed over there telling them they can't have a page over here and if they do...you will be deleted there!  That is what happened to me!  Wow...just think about that for a bit!  Is it the Hitler generation over there?  You have your own choices to make and the use of your mind...use it and clean yourself of that monkey on your back!  Just a thought when you read this!  If you could, just try washing your brain of this stigma!  Look outside the box and set yourself free as I have done!  I'm a lot happier!

11/10/2019 20:44:46

LOL Deb!  How'd you like the title of my blog?  It doesn't have any two way meanings now does it?...lol  I'm done talking about loserland unless they give me more ammo to fire at them?  I fight back...I hate bullies!  I kissed many a rear there until I have no more taste in my mouth!  I spit that out though many a moon ago...if you know what I mean Deb?...lol  It's always good to hear from you!  Just remember...it isn't about numbers unless it's our age?   It's about the quality of our friends and friendship!  I'll leave it at that!

11/10/2019 20:26:40

I know you have suffered some bumps and lumps on your journey in cyber world, I think most of us have.  Look at it this way, you are in a far far better place now.  As the saying goes, "what goes around comes around" and I know 2 people at that site that has a big bad ball of karma heading their way and it may not seem like it right now, but it will hit them and hit them hard.  Should I run go jump in my Frozen gown and start singing, "let it go" to the top of my lungs, LMBO!!!

11/08/2019 18:18:44

Nice to meet you GerriB and thanks for telling me some of your history of pets that entered your life...I enjoyed what you wrote!  I've had pets all my life and right now I have three cats, one dog and two horses!  Gotta love those four legged creatures...because they love you no matter what...at least the dogs and cats will!...lol

11/08/2019 18:00:03

Hello, Allen....I'm not on very much, so I seem to have missed everything with you...I've been told I was given a dog on the day I was born, (he eventually went to a hopefully peaceful sleep across the little street under my Uncle's car when I was 13 = loved that dog all the time. Then became a rescuer not technically, though my mother was given every other "stray" cat or dog and the kittens, etc.  After I married, my eldest daughter became a true rescuer - and 6 decades later, she's still got some of the cats who couldn't be adopted and takes in found "stray" kittens......guess, some of us just live & die happy with the four footers....There are still 2 cats living long past their "vet declared  death due date -....LOL  Spoiled, sure , but they are my buddies - till death of one of us......

11/08/2019 13:55:04

Oh..ok Greg...I saw your comment on my page!

11/08/2019 13:53:06

Hi Greg....not taking anything personal...just was observing again!  The main thing is to hold your head high...so you can wade thru all the deep stuff!...lol  Latest weather report here is that the 25 mph winds are blowing the snow we got accross the roads and causing slippery conditions!  It's only Fall and am not so ready for Winter yet!  Wondering if you got any snow yet?  Anyway I carry a shovel with me where ever I go...even when I come here! 

11/08/2019 12:23:01

Well it looks like 4 pages have recently left the Hill so I wouldn't take it personal my friend.
So who is starting the mischief? I can say it sure isn't Misha lol.

11/08/2019 08:49:08

Yeah Deb...the jam tastes pretty good this morning on my toast!...lol  Strawberry or Grape on yours?

11/08/2019 01:29:49

Here's another great Peter Pan quote:  

Peter Pan Quots

11/08/2019 01:18:36

Oh, you know it Mona!  I'm just kicking out the old and bringing in the new as I have to, with all the experiences that I've had through out my social cyber life!  I love the Bambi quote but what about Pinocchio, "A boy that won't be good, might as well be made of wood!"  One of my favorite movies by the way growing up!  I also loved Peter Pan and this quote:

Lovely Peter Pan Quotes

11/08/2019 00:55:49

I'm sorry to hear that you've had some less than desirable experiences here on The Hill. I hope those are more few and far between than regular occurances. It would be nice to have this quote, from the Disney 'Bambi' movie, embedded in everyone's memory... "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!" I Googled this quote, and it is explained this way: This advice – intended for us to make friends and not burn bridges at the tender age of five – was at the forefront of our minds in everything we did. We never thought for a minute that everyone who had ever given us that advice might have been guilty of it at some point in their life. We listened to it, or at least in some instances, pretended we did; .... and then not have any clue that the things they have said or will say are hurtful; or not even care that they hurt someone, for that matter."

I hope there becomes fewer and fewer of these experiences, here on The Hill and wherever you are.

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