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"Homemakers" don't retire!
Posted On 11/09/2019 10:38:01 by Altara3

A recent poll reminded me that many of us were either full time 'moms' or only worked part time.  I couldn't "retire"; I'm "still" doing all the housework, etc.  My husband did, however.  That's another story .

As for me, for many years,  I did baby-sitting for friends. Later, I baby-sat for my grandchildren. Then, a convenience store opened up right across the road from us.  So, I decided it was time to try something different.  

I started out in their kitchen; I enjoyed making pizzas, etc. But I didn't enjoy getting there at 4am to make doughnuts!   So they switched me to the later shift.  And then I learned how to do the 'cash register' and worked as a cashier. I enjoyed that--even though it seemed we were constantly having to learn a new system! 

I can remember at least  3 different cash register systems. After I left, they got the newer, fancy ones where you just hit a 'button' for any item that someone bought. Talk about easy!   Anyway, by the final year I was there, I did 'closing'--4pm till 11pm as cashier.  Being a night owl, I loved that.  

And, actually...at one point--between managers--there were 2 of us keeping that store going! The 'assistant manager' did 'opening' and I did closing. That was well over a month; and I did a lot of 'overtime'.  I remember, I did 15 straight days of that; then, we had someone else take over for me, for a couple of days so that I could get a 'break'. Then, back to it!  I didn't mind: the extra pay was nice, and as I said, I enjoyed the work.  Well, finally 'corporate' hired a new manager and the assistant manager, who had expected to be promoted, wasn't at all happy. She eventually left; so I kept 'her spot' as 'closing'. At that  store, normally the manager did 'opening', while the assistant manager did 'closing'.

As for managers, our first one was the best. The next one was all right, but a 'company man'.  The third one was the worst. He was a slob, didn't really care about the workers at all and no one liked him. The next one was a good guy; the rumor was he had been a lawyer and 'goofed'. No one knows the truth, of course. But he was easy to work with.  His downfall: he didnt check the ID of someone getting beer. So, he was fired. The last one I worked with was all right. I had to quit when my mom went into hospice care, and they needed me to stay with her.  However, I later heard that he just 'took off' one time, on 'vacation', and never returned.   Strange.  

And at that point, I didn't really need the job. So I didn't bother.  I worked just over 6 years; it's now been 13 years that I've been 'not working'--and I love it.  I stay up till I get 'sleepy'; I get up when I feel like it. And I spend my days doing whatever I want: usual, it's reading, playing on the computer, etc (making graphics)--between doing what 'chores' have to be done.  Or writing, of course.  I have written 7 or 8 'novellas' over the years; but for some reason, after I got into computers, I lost interest in that & now write Blogs instead.

My main problem is that once my husband retired, I 'lost' the ability to go anywhere on my own; I hear that from a lot of friends! He insists on driving me. He gets bored, so of course he doesn't want to stay home. Now that he can't handle the 'yard' anymore, we have someone else to do that. And that was his only 'chore'. And I've tried for many, many years to get him to find a 'hobby'. His hobby is sitting outside with his fire pit (or just sitting 'outside', watching traffic go by--and talking to all the neighbors who go by/stop) , when he isn't 'polishing' the car.  And yes, he's put on a number of cute 'designs' (stick on) to decorate our car!  That's his "baby". Another reason why I don't drive myself.    


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11/10/2019 21:01:56

This has always been my question.  My husband said he might retire in March, 2020 and I asked him, hummmm, when do I get to retire?  He looked at me baffled as he knew I had already retired from the law firm so what they heck was I talking about.  I told him, housework, buying the groceries, cooking them, the kids needs and wants, even if they are married, it all still marches on and all depend on me, "The Mom."  He smiled and tried to make light of it and said, "Oh don't worry, hire a maid".  I thought oh gheeze you have no clue.  I think part of it was that his dad worked but his mom never worked away from the home.  So Mom was always there, clothes were always clean, the house was always cleaned, I guess they all thought a fairy showed up during the night and did it all, LOL  I will admit, I have friends who broke all of that down before they got married and it is all 50/50, no questions asked.  I would not give anything for the love I gave and received from what I did and do, but sometimes, yes, this Mommy needs a vacation.  Hey, do we get a pension or social security for all those years, LOL.....

11/10/2019 01:35:36

Jeez...I remember writing a large comment to your blog Altara but then when I tried to post it the power went out here!  Seems that someone hit an electric pole not too far away and knocked out three towns in the process!  I know that's no excuse but I forgot what I wrote you!...lol  I was without power for about three hours!  I still don't have a true explanation but I seen on FB that a lot of people were out!  All I can remember is that I've had simular experiences in the motor mart chains and that you reminded me of them!  I hope you have a grand Sunday!  

11/09/2019 15:20:54

I love your blog... we should ask our hubbys if they are related!!!!!

My most 'unfavorite' question when I have to fill our questionnaires or applications, etc. is "Do you work?", and may be followed by "Oh, you are a housewife!" I know, I've been spoiled 'rotten', but we learned to live on one income while the kids were growing up. When they were in high school and able to manage without me for a few hours, I did medical transcribing in contract work, and then established my own home-based Graphic Design business. It was called "Your Choice' Designs! I have been hooked on computers since 1983.

Now... do you know why I chose my 'username'?

I read the comments and the other blog today, and I am in awe of how people manage in their circumstances and still come out smiling.

Thanks for sharing your story!

11/09/2019 14:44:23

Homemakers indeed, never retire. I often ask myself how in the world did I manage a 40 hour work week, come home and cook, clean, run errands, all to repeat the next day. My working years began in 1982. Working straight thru till 2006..that year brought a lay-off from a PPO insurance comp, was there 5 years. Four and a half years later went back to another full time job. It was a nightmare, so was glad to resign from there ..that coming in Jan 2015. Since this time, I held two temporary jobs..one mid 2015, the last one Mid to fall of 2016. The time has been a blur. Still hopeful I can find part time maybe next year. Preferably, working from home. My overall career in the workplace gave me over 25 plus years exp of various office positions. But, seems once we hit 50, we seemingly become a liability to employers. Subscribe to a newsletter that specializes in work from home jobs, though many are classified as (independent contractors) which is disappointing given the tax ramifications. So for now, I stay up not too late, get up usually the same time during the week, and try and get up before 8 am on weekends. Enjoy my time here and have truly been in awe of all the friends made. Thanks for sharing this blog. -:) Lisa in NC

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