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62 years of marriage....etc etc etc
Posted On 11/09/2019 12:40:51 by GerriB

November 9th - 62 years of marriage - met in high school - I trained in X-ray, transcribing medical reports, ultrasound and nuclear med tech - 2 daughters - worked 25 full time years in X-ray and kept books for hubby's business, drove 2 dtrs to baby sitter (whom they LOVED - she had lots of animals)  did my own housework, occasionally met with friends in same lifestyle - moved from town hubby & I were born in (same hospital - 24 days apart = cared for mentally ill mother with constant hospitalizations - eldest of 4 children (one sister died in infancy, one brother died of probable brain aneurysm ) - mother died at 5 months short of 100th birthday-father of Alzheimer's.  Moved from southern CT - 30 mi. from 9-11-00  to eastern shore CT then to FL to be with daughters. I miss the Autumn colors of the North and the closeness of neighbors, seeing everyone's children growing up together for 42 years on same street, change of Seasons...dislike the Humidity and Heat of FL but nearing "end of days" need to be near family to make decisions for both of us. Hubby had massive heart attack 2 years ago - condition was too poor to operate, so he has stents.  Much changed from an active life of Car Repairs at the end of his career he began planning the home in N.E. CT - 10 acres of land...too much to take care of now for both so we have a "ranch" home in a subdivision with a pool that long time friends from Englad get good use of when they visit twice a year for 4-6 weeks.  But we're all getting older and more limited.  I'm happy to have had this group for so many years - so many nice pple to get to know and hope we'll keep in touch for a long time.  We're "retired" but busy working on selling our Northern Home, taking care of probably the last of our lifetime of rescued "pets" of all kinds and cutting down Doctor & Med visits as much as possible, taking life easier!and praying that our 'puters and brains-fingers keep working!!!

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11/12/2019 17:10:01

I hope you don't mind me stopping by to read your blog. Thank you for letting us get to know about you thru your posting!

11/10/2019 21:06:06

Great blog GerriB.  It is nice getting to know more about you.  Sounds like you guys have had a good life and I hope and pray you keep on keeping on and yes, those puters and fingers also.  God Bless your journey.

11/09/2019 14:52:52

I'm so glad that you wrote this blog and shared a bit of your life. I got tired just thinking abou all that you accomplished in your lifetime. I could identify with some of it, but not much. I won't repeat it here, but if you drop by my 'page' you will learn some of it.

I hope to get to read your next blog... this is one of my favorite stops when I am wandering around The Hill.

11/09/2019 14:26:39

Enjoyed reading this...Our fall colors here have been slow in changing. We have struggled to remain in cooler temps, as summer seemed to never want to end. Leaves are still falling, and by Thursday, we drop to mid 40's. I have family in Florida..Tampa area..also a close friend lives there as well. Farthest north I've been is Elkins West Virginia. Lived in Texas for 6 short years..NC called me back in 1988. Live just a couple of miles W of Charlotte NC. Very close to the airport there. Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

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