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So If I Had A Hammer...Would You Hammer Me All Over The World? ;)
Posted On 11/09/2019 20:26:49 by Allen

  Hey...it's me again!  You know who...Allen!  The new guy on the block!

    And it's alright to come to this site and try it out!  There is no pressure to do anything but be yourself!  It's very personal here so I know you'll love everyone in attendence!  It's usually one-on-one and words mean everything here as they come from the heart!  I have found that I can actually get to know a person here!  All of them are friendly and will accept you on a quick notice if you are sincere!  At least that is what I've experienced so far! 

  All I'm saying is this site is all it's cracked up to be!  So after saying that...I've got a photo for you all that I hope you enjoy?  Are you older than dirt?  I know I've been around the block too many times and I'm getting so dizzy!...lol  So how many do you remember?  Getting old as hell is hell and our memory is not always there...but I bet you can remember a few of these?

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 Now if you were to ask me, I'd have to say whatever happened to Home Ecomonics in high school?  No wonder my daughters don't know how to cook for squat!...lol  By the way...I'm considered older than dirt according to this! 


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11/14/2019 19:53:48

Well, all I can say is to get to cleaning Viccles...as there are a lot of us with dirt!...lol

11/14/2019 19:52:21

Those days were the days GerriB when a Ford and a Chevy would last 10 years like they should!  Whoops, I spun into a Merle Haggard lyric!...lol  Sorry but I just watched the CMA Awards Show!  I'm a country fan as well as a rock fan!

11/14/2019 19:47:52

With Miriclewhip Deb?...lol

11/12/2019 17:05:10

I'm not going to mention how many of those I remember....I will only say that, I may have to get out the vaccuum!

11/11/2019 19:56:37

Yes, I remember ALL of them! LOL  My first car experience was my then=boyfriend's (then husband's) '41 Ford Convertible with the hood off to show the beautifully shiny inside motor parts (after all the time spent working on it - was primed grey....and stayed that way...)  Those WERE the days!

11/11/2019 11:40:56

Oh yes Allen, I remember Bread, good listen.  I agree with the microwave, around here we call it the miraclewave, LOL.

11/10/2019 21:33:06

You know it Deb!  We are the privileged!  And people don't realize it or don't want to but we had the best in life!  We didn't have to hold a computer phone in our hand and look at it 24/7!  We had the freedom onto the real things in life!  Things go better with Coke and all of the above!  My Lord...we experienced life and you are so right with all the inventions going on during our lifespan!  The most amazing thing for me was the microwave oven!  Heating things up in 30 seconds saved me a life time of cooking!...lol  Thanks for always being there Deb!  Right now I'm listening to a band called Bread!  Remember them?  We had all the great music as well!

11/10/2019 21:20:31

I remember at least 11.  Not sure what blackjack gum is and do not remember butchwax from life but remember it from a movie.  I guess line me up in the older than dirt line.  I loved the waxed coke bottles.  That high sugar content flowing out. Lord there is no telling what that stuff was.  We always thought it was kool aid, but now, I don't think so, but guess that goes with the blog you wrote one time about no helments and riding in the back window of the car.  

I was telling my grandchildren the other day that I feel like I am from a great generation.  We lived to see all the inventions from phones to cell phones, all the cars, the computer, even the opening of the internet to the public.  We saw the first man on the moon, the best music ever made, the list goes on and on.  I may be older than dirt, from your other blog, but I'm very glad I grew up in this generation.  We saw, lived, and loved a lot and I think that is what made us a pretty dang amazing generation.

11/10/2019 19:10:32

Well Deb...you seem to know your cars for one that attended Home Ec!...lol  I remember all of that about car parts as I used to work in a garage for 26 years!  My family ran a gas station for many years complete with three garages and car wash!  I did all the parts for the cars and trucks including tires, spark plugs, wiper blades, trans fluid changes, oil changes and so on and so forth!  We actually gave candy to the kids in the cars that bought gas and checked their oil, washed their windows and put air in the tires!  Those were the good ole days...I think they called them?

11/10/2019 19:02:14

Hello Momtocam!  Stick shifts ain't what they are all cracked up to be!  The only good thing about them is if the car won't start, you can pop the clutch if you can get it to roll forward for a bit!  It usually starts when this is done!  But like you said...those were the days, when cars were built for speed and endurance!  You could actually drive in the ditch and drive out!  Now-a-days if you do that...it's totaled!  I think we have a lot in common as I've become a homebody as well through out the years!  It's just too dangerous out there for one thing for us older folk!

11/10/2019 17:03:07

LOL when I was taking Home Ec, it was only girls allowed, the boys had "Shop"...they learned a trade that way... IF I'm remembering correctly the butch wax is a hair product the guys used to use to make their hair stay in place, like Elvis...and the Fonze! LOL! I also know what "3 on the tree" means.. that's how you shifted gears, it was on the steering wheel..my dad's old blue truck was like that...then I learned to drive a "real" stick shift after my 1st marriage, (I was 18) and my husbands car was a 1969 Plymouth RoadRunner, 383 V8 motor, 4 on the floor...we put headers on it, cherry packs, dual carborator, (I think that is what it was called), slicks,  he would take the car over to the Green Valley Raceway in Ft Worth area, for "street legal car racings" they did periodically....he taught me to change the spark plugs, (remember those?!?) because my hands could fit through the headers, my legs would be all that you could see of me, because my upper body would be "under the hood"!  we stopped racing that car when the gas prices got to 21 cents a gallon, one race and it sucked the gas right out of the tank! LOL!  those were the days!  

11/10/2019 15:33:14

My twin sis took Home Economics..I did not. Shop class existed too during our school days. Didn't get a car till after we graduated; my sis and I both, one car..used it to commute back and forth to community college. I moved a year later out of state..she got the car. Never tackled a stick shift..so still driving an automatic. It's ironic watching old shows on tv and reminiscing on things that did not exist..which most take for granted now. I remind our son all the time my earnings when I was the age he is now..how in the world did I survive off perry wages..somehow, having enough to pay rent, utilities, and a car note at the age of 22. The older I get, the more of a homebody I have become. Enjoyed this..and yes..*I am older than dirt* too -:)

11/10/2019 14:00:04

Hello Deb!  I'm sure all the Whos down in Whoville are locking their doors to keep the Grinch out, but to no avail!...lol  Speaking of Home Economics...when I took that class it was for two quarters and I always teamed myself up with the girls so I would get an A!  They seemed to know what they were doing as where the boys usually did better in shop class!  Now everything has changed and sometimes you can't tell if it's a woman or man these days?

11/10/2019 13:54:09

Hello Greg!  I wish they were to especially the drive-in theaters and glass bottle pop machines!  I always thought it tasted better out of a bottle than in a can!  

11/10/2019 13:51:39

Hello Mona!  Loved your comment...especially earning every grey hair you have!...lol  Speaking of cars and stick shifts...my first car was an old Ford Fairlane with three on the tree as they called it!  Than I got a Chevy Camero with four on the floor!  My first automatic was a Ford Tempo that I bought brand new and it turned out to be a lemon!  About the kids today...I don't think they have any rules anymore...it's like anything goes now!  it's a pity to!

11/10/2019 13:44:40

Hello Altara!  I don't know what Butch Wax is either but I've chewed that Blackjack gum in my youth...as I recall...it was nasty and left your teeth black!  I think #16 is suppose to read "Home Milk Delivery In Glass Bottles!"  A typo error on their part, it would seem?...lol  I remember milk being delivered that way!

11/10/2019 12:37:42

I loved this post, I wonder if anyone over in Whosville come here to see what's going on? yup, I am sure they do! And they are sure missing out on a great social site!

also...I'm right there with you, I'm older then dirt... I remembered all but the blackjack gum, (we only chewed Juicy Fruit or Double Bubble), and I'm proud that I can still remember them! LOL!

The 1st time I used an oven in Home Ec, I was in charge of making the baked potatoes for the our classroom's lunch, I came in early, to wash & wrap the potatoes, and then put them in the oven so they would have plenty of time to bake. We came into our class at our designated time, got everything set out beautifully on the table and we all set down to eat...our teacher smiling, she was so proud of how the meal turned out...until...we tried to cut into our baked potatoes...they were raw... the teacher looked at me with a question on her face, and I explained to her what I had done to prepare the potatoes... sooo about that time, the timer went off, yup, I had set the timer, not turned on the oven! that was my 1st "epic fail" event! LOL!

11/10/2019 08:44:56

I remember most of them lol! I'm older than dirt! I wish some of these things were still around.

11/09/2019 21:37:54

Very interesting... according to the list, I'm certainly older than dirt. My theory is to pay no attention to the number of candles on my birthday cake, or the number on my birth certificate. In addition, I've asked my son where he came from... and how could I be him Mom when he is 55 years old and I'm still 39!!!!! When it comes to gray hair... I refuse to add color because I've earned every gray hair that I have.

Our schools didn't have Home Economics and Shop when our kids attended, and that was a shame, in my opinion. Our son and daughter got those coarses at home... starting with making their own lunches, making their beds and keeping their rooms tidy, and doing their own laundry. They rode the school bus until high school, and then got their drivers' license when they were 16 years old. Our rules were that both of them had to know how to check the oil, change a flat tire, and keep their vehicle clean, inside and out. AND... if they got a speeding ticket, they paid with their own money, and we kept the keys for a pre-determined time (don't remember that any more).

By the way, I drove a Studebaker in the '60s, complete with a stick shift!

A 'WHAT'????

11/09/2019 21:08:06

I've seen this before. I remember all but 6, 8, & 16.  The only 'party line' I knew was from my grandparents' farm--in the country. And I think both boys and girls should have a Home Ec class--since most people nowadays live 'on their own'.  It was pretty 'sexist' to just have  girls take that class; but on the other hand, I think maybe boys took 'shop class'...I really don't remember that. But knowing it was the 50s, I guess that explains it.

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