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It's organizing time!
Posted On 11/22/2019 15:07:58 by Altara33606


I 'found' this today--you'll see 'how' in a moment.  

Well, if you read the Forums, you know I had to get a new laptop recently; I've been slowly adding in my favorite programs. 

Now, I've got 2 "Print Shop" programs but they are not compatible--what I did in the earlier version won't open up in the other one; so, in playing around with my new laptop, I decided to install my older version of Print Shop first--in order to actually get to and see so many recipes that I've collected over the years. 

My gosh: when I went to put these into my complete recipe folder...I was shocked at how many recipes I have! The odd thing is : I gave up cooking 'from scratch' years ago! (except for a few favorite family recipes)  So while I'm doing this, I'm also slowly deleting some I know I'll never use.  But, mainly, I decided to print out ones I want to put into the 'keep' folder--and I've done a few screenshots of some as well.  My other laptop's cd/dvd drive quit ages ago, so I couldn't add this Print Shop version to it.  Now that I've 'saved' what I want...I can delete those files--and move on to my newer Print Shop program. 

I'm an 'organizer'.  I've been...very,  very slowly...working on going through all my numerous file folders, where I've saved graphics over the years. I'm sure I've also got duplicates that can be deleted as well as some I'll never use. I had 20+ albums in TinyPic before switching over to Postimage; now, I'm just uploading graphics to new albums as I need them.  I'm trying to keep my Postimage albums 'organized'. 

But back to the recipes: I did find a couple that I'd like to try one of these days! So we'll see.  


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11/29/2019 09:55:44

Always good to do a good cleaning out of files.  I need to do that and hope to get to it beginning the first of the year.  Now is way to busy to start such a project.  Nice recipe, I'm sure all of those recipes and graphics bring back many memories.

11/23/2019 07:48:37

Sounds good you're getting things organized with your new laptop. Technology rolls on. That recipe looks delicious!

11/22/2019 23:01:17

I understand what you are going through... I had the same problem when I got my new laptop earlier this year. I put all the files from my old computer on a memory card, and the ones that I know that I need to save were copied to my hard drive and the memory card is in safe keeping and I can search for a file later should I need something from a long time ago.

What if I delete files, even old ones, and then decide that I should have kept them?

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